How to Avoid Paying an Ambulance Bill

How to Avoid Paying an Ambulance Bill

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When faced with a medical emergency, the sensible action to take is to rush the patient to the hospital for medical attention. The nearest and most reliable transportation means come in handy during these panicky times.

Negotiating transportation charges never crosses the mind as one is always in a hurry to reach the medical facility. To many, it is a shock to find out how costly the trips to the hospital turn out to be. Ambulance service is convenient at this critical moment. However, the charges can be too high.

In some cases, ambulance rides can be inaccessible or result in debt. The debt may be cleared by insurance covers, although not all insurance companies cover ambulance service expenses.

What Do You Do When Your Insurance Does Not Cover Ambulance Expenses?

There are many ways you can get help in clearing your ambulance bills. Planning will enable you to avoid unexpected bills. Inquire about what your insurance can cover and address any loopholes on time.

There are financial aid programs that can help with your insurance bills. Learn how you can benefit from them early enough. Charitable organizations, government grants, and churches can also be of assistance. Remember to ask family and friends too.

Apart From Ambulances, What Are Other Modes of Transport?

It is crucial to note that the choice of transportation depends on the urgency and health condition of the patient. You can opt for air travel if the patient is critical.

The good news is there are other means of transport besides ambulance services. Medical transportation companies like Around the Sound offer alternative transportation services that are more convenient and affordable. They offer stretcher transportation, shuttle transportation, and door-to-door wheelchair services.

Researching and hiring a company with enough vehicles and competent, reliable, and pleasant drivers is advisable. A good transportation company will ensure you get to your destination on time and do not miss any appointments. With a reliable company, you don’t have to worry about emergencies.

The following means of transport can also be used as alternatives:

Air Travel

  • Scheduled flights
  • Helicopter
  • Chartered flights

Ground Travel

  • Private vehicles
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Commercial taxi
  • Snowmobile taxi

Water Travel

  • Motorized boat
  • Ferry
  • Boat taxi

Regardless of the mode of transport, some medical covers will take care of the transportation bills. Consult your medical cover and learn their terms and conditions on each mode of transport. Choose the one that favors you most.

What’s the Average Cost of an Ambulance Ride?

The average cost for transportation of a patient is about $1,200. The amount can be higher than that, depending on the type of emergency and distance. Ambulance companies are run by private companies, the government (public), or non-profit organizations. Regardless of the type, the cost of an ambulance ride is almost uniform in all ambulance services.

The ambulance service will charge you between $20,000- $45,000 for air transport. The insurance companies can pay for the insurance services if there is a provision for the payment. Some insurances lack ambulance cost services under their package.

The ambulance charges may depend on other factors like distance. The standard charges are structured as follows:

  • Initial pick up: $500-$1000
  • Mileage: $10-$13 per mile
  • Medical intervention and supplies

The expenses you incur outside what is covered become your responsibility. You will need to dig into your pocket to meet the extra costs.

Who Is Responsible for Your Ambulance Ride Bills?

The patients’ insurance cover takes care of the ambulance ride bills. Patients that get hospitalized are always billed separately for ambulance rides. For low-income earners or uninsured patients, the ambulance company sends the bill to the patient’s hospital. The medical facility is expected to reimburse the funds.

How to Not Pay an Ambulance Bill

Sometimes, the ambulance services may be too costly. If you cannot afford the ambulance bills, the first step is to talk to the patient’s insurance company. The insurance may set up a payment plan that is workable for you or agree to cover more of the bill.

If the patient is not insured, contact the ambulance company, they may agree on a payment plan. Besides that, you can call the hospital and ask whether they offer any arrangements for financial assistance plans.

Another option is contacting friends, family, and well-wishers to help you with the emergency.

In case all these do not work, contact the news media. A consumer affairs reporter may luckily cover the billing practices and encourage the ambulance company to agree on a more reasonable amount or forgive the bill.

Financial Assistance for the Ambulance Bill

Some organizations offer financial assistance programs. To benefit, you must meet income eligibility criteria established by the federal government. The financial assistance programs can help you as follows:

  • Pay for unpaid coinsurance.
  • Pay for deductible and non-covered necessary medical services.

Surprise Billing

Surprise billing has been a point of concern in American medicine. A single trip to the hospital can result in more than five bills from medical providers and ambulance services. Some of them are out of network.

If your income may not sustain the ambulance services, consider other means. You can find alternative modes of transport with more flexible terms and conditions that favor you.

Tip to Save Money on Your Next Hospital Visit

On average, you spend around 751 dollars or more on a visit to the hospital emergency room.

Your health insurance covers the cost, although not always.

Some companies offer additional insurance policies called accident and sickness insurance. The insurance covers part of the out-of-pocket expenses. Joining them can help you in times of need.

The cover costs between $20-$50 per month, depending on its features.

You can also set aside an account for medical expenses. You can use the funds to pay the bills when the need arises.

The Bottom Line

We understand that transportation is a basic right. Creating accessible systems with conducive terms for humanity is our ultimate goal. Call us at (253)858-7088 or contact us online for safe, affordable, and multi-modal transportation options.


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