Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

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Are you someone living in Puget Sound who needs non-emergency transport? Serving the I-5 corridor of the Tacoma-Seattle area, Around the Sound specializes in wheelchair transportation services. We also work with patients on gurneys and who have mobility issues.

Discover how much easier your life can be with the use of transportation for medical treatment. Then decide if non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) by Around the Sound is the right solution for your needs–whether you are a patient, caregiver, or nursing home manager.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

If you are on Medicare or Medicaid and lack transportation to medical and health services, there is hope. With non-emergency medical transportation, you may have access to personal transport to several types of places. While most non-emergency transportation providers are in urban areas, the need for this type of service is equally as necessary in rural areas.

Towns that are geographically isolated offer this kind of transport for medical patients who otherwise live too far to get treatment. Also, patients who are unable to drive, either due to a lack of a vehicle or a driver’s license but must get to healthcare appointments also need this service.

Are NEMT Services Available Near Me?

Yes, NEMT services are available nationwide. However, these services are in limited capacity restricted to those individuals who cannot otherwise travel to non-emergency medical appointments or services. This ensures that NEMT providers can adequately serve the patients’ needs for healthcare-related, non-emergency medical transportation.

A non-emergency medical transit service provides non-ambulance transportation. This transportation has to be scheduled in advance through a provider using your insurance information. Therefore, not everyone has access to non-emergency medical transportation.

Non-medical transportation must also accommodate a variety of medical needs. This includes being able to transport wheelchair-bound patients, as well as patients on gurney hospital stretcher beds. Our team is ready to work with patients in most any situation who have a lack of mobility.

What are the Requirements to Receive Non-Emergency Transport

The primary requirement to receive non-emergency medical transportation is financial need. Typically, the only people who are on low-income health insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid, qualify for this type of service.

In order to find non-emergency transport providers, patients are generally referred to or provided with a list of transit companies. To receive this type of transportation, individuals must also have a medical transit need, such as:

  • Travel to the pharmacy
  • Go to a doctor’s appointment
  • Pre-scheduled surgery
  • Trips to the grocery store
  • Transport to gym class

The insurance provider will approve any travel requests that qualify for payment or reimbursement of expenses. In addition, most requests for non-emergency transportation must come with a referral from a medical provider and proof of insurance.

Hearing and Vision Impaired Transit

If you are hearing or vision impaired, our medical transport team is well trained and experienced in providing accessibility as needed. We will work with you or your caregiver to ensure all possible mobility concerns are addressed prior to your travel reservations.

Travel to and from medical services and programs professionally and safely. Never deal with third-party ride-share services, like Lyft or Uber, provided by individuals who are unskilled and unqualified for healthcare needs.

Manage Senior NEMT Services

Have the convenience of non-emergency medical transportation at your service with a trusted provider like Around the Sound. Set up all of your appointments with one caring provider skilled at working with patients of all ages, especially seniors.

We understand the concerns regarding transporting the elderly, as related to a lack of mobility and the natural aging process. Let our team show your seniors the best in Puget Sound for non-emergency transportation.

Thanks to years of experience with nursing homes and senior communities, you can utilize our services for seniors in the following Washington counties:

  • Clallam
  • Jefferson
  • King
  • Kitsap
  • Lewis
  • Mason
  • Pierce
  • Thurston

We welcome new patients of all ages, especially those 55 and over, with Around the Sound.

Why Consider Around the Sound for Non-Emergency Transport in Puget Sound

In Puget Sound, I-5 travels north and south through Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Here you have the majority of medical offices and hospitals, as well as healthcare services and programs. Whether you are going to the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital or the YMCA, we are here to support you with transportation access.

Our fleet of more than 80 vans and other vehicles are ready to support you or your patients on appointments. We offer timely service scheduling and easy to manage appointment bookings. Schedule airport travel using our non-emergency transportation services at the Seattle-Tacoma Sea-Tac Airport or other local airports.

Why Choose Around the Sound Today and Begin Reserving Transportation

As seasoned drivers of this part of the nation, Around the Sound is a leader in Puget Sound non-emergency transport services. Let our fleet of drivers start working for your patients today with essential travel to health-related services.

Whether you are a patient advocate, registered nurse, or medical assistant, we understand your needs. Consult with our office to schedule your first round of appointments to test-drive our services.

We will reserve the times needed for your patients in our system and provide you with the best quote on transportation in Puget Sound.

How to Schedule Wheelchair Transportation Services

At Around the Sound, we provide timely and safe gurney/stretcher transportation, as well as wheelchair transportation services. Additionally, appointments can be made for many patients at once if you are managing a nursing home or medical clinic.

If you are working at a hospital or medical office and need to schedule a wheelchair and non-emergency medical transportation, we are here to assist you.

Schedule an appointment for one or more individuals who are in your care with Around the Sound. If you are working as a caregiver for housebound patients, we are ready to help you as well. Contact Around the Sound for more about how we can assist you or your patients with non-emergency transport for medical services in Puget Sound.

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