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Around the Sound Transportation is a unique medical transportation company in that we specialize in the long distance transportation of stable elderly and disabled persons.

Around the Sound Transportation services are fully committed to providing non-emergency long distance medical transportation to the nation’s elderly and disabled population throughout the Pacific Northwest.

As a specialist in non-emergency long distance medical transportation services, Around the Sound Transportation has the necessary knowledge and skill to provide quality non-emergency long distance medical transportation. You can trust Around the Sound Transportation to get your patient or loved one to their destination safely.

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We Provide a Cost Effective Alternative to Ambulance and Air Medical Transportation

Around the Sound Transportation recognizes the growing need for cost effective long distance medical transportation services. That is why we focus our services on non-emergency long distance medical ground transportation. Our goal is to provide persons seeking non-emergency medical transportation an alternative to the unnecessarily high costs of long distance ambulance or air medical transportation. We are the happy medium between emergency medical transportation and non- medical transportation services. By removing the unnecessary emergency medical services we can lower our costs to a fraction of what an ambulance company charges for similar non-emergency medical transportation services. To achieve this cost effective means of transportation we place highly qualified medical personnel on our ATSTRANS vehicles to ensure the quality and safety of every medical transport.

Around the Sounds core value is to bring quality level of long distance medical transportation services to all patients and their loved ones that we transport. Around the Sound Transportation specializes through creating and implementing long distance medical transportation service solutions. We accomplish this by communicating with our clients and understanding all of the patient’s medical transportation needs. We only take satisfaction when we meet all of your long distance medical transportation needs.


Non-Emergency State to State Medical Transportation Services

Choose Around the Sound Transportation for your non-emergency interstate medical transportation needs.

Around the Sound is a leader in the long distance medical transportation service industry through our specialization in non-emergency medical transportation services over long distances.

Around the Sound Transportation focuses on the unique needs of the elderly and disabled persons that we serve. Our company is a responsive and reliable partner to all patients, medical partners, and communities we serve. Around the Sound Transportation provides non-emergency ground medical transport. Around the Sound Transportation makes great efforts to ensure all of our medical transportation services are conducted on time and safely. Our medical transport team offers you the peace of mind that your loved ones will get to their destination safely and comfortably.

Advantages of Long-Distance Transportation

Planning to travel can be overwhelming. Solo driving for long distances can also present a variety of hazards and downsides. You can prevent a large amount of these issues by choosing to ride with a long-distance transportation company whenever you are planning extended travel.

Here are a few advantages that come with long-distance transportation.

  • Travel in the company of family members: If the nature of your long-distance travel is medical, our services offer enough room for a couple of family members to accompany their patient. This may give you comfort and assurance that your patient is under competent medical attention.
  • Driven by licensed and certified drivers: Drivers are licensed before allowing them to work with long-distance transport companies. Using our services means that you will have drivers who receive continuing education to keep their driving skills and certifications updated.
  • Safety Assured: Solo driving can be dangerous, especially over long distances. Our facility specializes in long-distance transportation to take our riders to their destination safely and expediently.
  • Fuel Economy: Driving yourself long distances time after time can add up your fuel price. Hiring a transportation company can save the money that you could spend on fuel.

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Are you looking for long-distance alternative transportation services?  At Around the Sound, we are glad to provide you with the high-quality, reliable, and safe transportation services you deserve. We strive to offer the best in all our services. Reach out to us at (253) 858-7088 for more information regarding our long-distance medical transport services. Our company has a superior track record of safety and satisfaction.