Long Distance Elderly Transportation

Getting the news that your mom or dad, or your grandmother or grandfather, or some other elder you love is coming home after a long stay in the hospital is a joyful event. Everyone in the family can feel good about the news a beloved elder is moving from the hospital to a rehab facility. And sometimes the happy event is when an elder has finally made the connection with the doctor who can help, even if getting to that doctor or that clinic requires a substantial trip.

But the joy that an older person may have a chance at getting well can be dampened when you see the bill for transporting them by ambulance.

Emergency transport by ambulance can be shockingly expensive. A 20-mile trip by helicopter with a pilot and a medic onboard (no room for the family) can easily cost $50,000. A 200-mile ride in an airplane is similarly expensive. Even riding 50 miles in a “bus” can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


But when you have a non-emergency situation, you have time to shop around for the greatest comfort and care at the most affordable price. Here’s what to expect:

  • Unlike an ambulance, a long-distance medical transport vehicle is set up for comfort. There will be plenty of room to lie down for patients who can’t sit up for the entire trip. There will be room for a spouse or family member to ride along in comfort. There will be good climate control and there will be clean windows for a view of the scenery along the way.
  • There are provisions for urgent bathroom visits en route. There may be a bedside commode with a privacy screen or other accommodations.
  • Most of our customers won’t need a medic or a nurse for a trip of fewer than 200 miles. But any level of medical attention can be scheduled before the trip.
  • Our vehicles are designed for smooth operation, minimizing the effects of inclines and rough roads. Our skilled drivers avoid sudden stops and tight turns.

Our drivers pay close attention to the individual needs of our customers. Customers tell us that they really appreciate the way our drivers pay attention to the climate in the vehicle itself. That’s important because a lot of these riders are sensitive to certain conditions, typically extreme cold or heat. Our vehicles can accommodate whatever conveyance our riders need, whether it is a wheelchair, oversized wheelchair, gurney, stretcher, or cot.

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What kinds of drivers does Around the Sound hire for long-distance elder transportation?

Around the Sound provides alert, attentive, and trained drivers for every elderly rider. We look to provide the best service by understanding their riders’ needs. We understand most riders will have a sensitivity to sitting for long periods and will need frequent bathroom breaks therefore they look to prepare the schedule ahead of time with that in mind, to still get the passenger to their destination on time. This is especially important when transporting an elderly passenger to a doctor’s appointment that requires a timely arrival.

We can also arrange elder transportation for special events, like weddings, anniversaries, and reunions. We can help elders stay active by taking them to the places that mean the most to them.

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At Around the Sound we take pride in our superior safety record and our commitment to dependable service. Around the Sound offers long-distance medical transportation for Clallam, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce, and Thurston counties. Contact us online or call us at (253) 858-7088 for more information and a quote.