Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

For people suffering from chronic medical conditions or illnesses that limit mobility, Around the Sound is here to provide you with a reliable solution for getting to doctor’s appointments, scheduled treatments, home from the hospital, and wherever else you may need to go.

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What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

NEMT services mostly provide support for patients who need to get to and from medical attention, appointments, treatments and similar on a regular basis. The average patient either drives to a hospital or clinic or has someone do the same for them. However, millions of people have no such ability either because they don’t have a car, local public transit is poor, or they have no one who can help them. NEMT services fill the gap and connect these patients with the medical services they need daily.

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Transportation Services Perfect for Those Getting Treatment for Cancer & More

For Around the Sound, offering the highest standards in non-emergency medical transportation in Washington State is a point of pride. We enjoy helping people in any way we can. Being able to ensure your safe and timely transport to critical appointments and important locations is what we do better than any other company out there. This is especially crucial for those receiving treatment for cancer or getting a colonoscopy checkup—those who have just gone through chemotherapy or similarly demanding appointments should definitely not drive themselves home. That’s why Around the Sound is here to help!

  • Wheelchair & Gurney Transportation: Our fleet is designed to provide you with accommodating scheduled NON-Emergency Medical wheelchair transportation (NEMT) and NON-Emergency Stretcher transportation (NEST) in Tacoma, WA, so that your essential mobility equipment accompanies you wherever you go.
  • Ambulatory Transportation: In instances where non-emergency medical transportation is required, trust our drivers above all others. We’ll get you to a hospital quickly and safely, so you’re able to get the medical attention you need for your non-emergency condition, before it gets worse.
  • Dementia-Alzheimer Transportation: For patients that require constant attention and observance to and from appointments, Around the Sound offers an end-to-end solution. Our drivers have experience in working with Dementia and Alzheimer patients, to ensure they’re made comfortable and put at ease while they’re with us.
  • Accessible Transportation: Around the Sound’s fleet to accommodate all forms of walking aids and mobility assistance devices, including wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and more.
  • Special Needs Transportation: Around the Sound takes pride in being a comfortable, accommodating solution for special needs passengers and have a bevy of experience in working with passengers suffering from a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.
  • Military VA Transportation: Around the Sound takes pride in providing transportation solution to veterans. From the hospital to your home, and anywhere in between, we’re on hand to provide you with safe, dependable transportation.

The Financial Aspects of NEMT Services

The costs and coverage of NEMT services vary, depending on the patient, income level, condition, and age. Some NEMT services are addressed by Medicare to a limited extent for senior patients on Medicare plans. Medicaid-enrolled patients are also eligible for NEMT support, typically to a greater degree. Patients, through their own resources and their own health insurance plans, can also access NEMT services, depending on what is provided through a given plan or is affordable. The conditions and situations vary so much, there is no single set situation where NEMT is always covered and to a specific percentage of the cost.

Support for Rural Patients After Chemotherapy, a Colonoscopy, & More

Regionally, folks living along the Interstate 5 corridor away from the primary urban clusters can be particularly challenged in getting to medical resources, appointments, assistance, and support. The I-5 corridor range encompasses significant stretches with very rural gaps and little in the way of alternative transportation support. As a result, NEMT services have become essential in these areas in multiple states, ranging from Southern California all the way up to Washington and the Canadian border. NEMT resources generally provide the most stable and reliable form of medical transportation assistance along the corridor, and this particular I-5 situation has not changed over decades. Without NEMT transport, many patients in small towns likely would have been relegated to poor medical care locally, with small town clinics unable to bear the brunt of the workload adequately.

There is no question that NEMT services continue to connect patients with needed medical services for all types of conditions and frequency today. Telemedicine and mailed pharmaceuticals can only do so much; at some point, people need to see a physician face to face for direct care. NEMT services bridge the gap for folks all over who can’t drive themselves or rely on family or friends for regular transportation. And in that regard, NEMT services continue to be life-changing for thousands every day.

For more information about Around the Sound’s medical transportation in Tacoma, WA and throughout the Pacific Northwest or to inquire about the types of services and accommodations we’re able to offer, please contact Around the Sound today by filling out the form below or calling (253) 858-7088.

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