Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance in Tacoma, WA

Maintaining a reputation as the number one provider of medical, event, and long-distance transportation services to the Pacific Northwest means having a fleet of vehicles that can live up to the demands of our passengers. At Around the Sound/TransPro, we take pride in having a fleet that’s always kept to the highest standards, staffed by drivers who are personable, professional and safe.

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Around the Sound takes fleet maintenance in Tacoma, WA and throughout the Pacific Northwest very seriously and strive to approach proper maintenance from all angles. Not only do we subject our vehicles to the entire gamut of scheduled maintenance services. Around the Sound also trains our drivers to be cognizant of vehicle operation, to predict and resolve any issues before they arise. The result is a fleet that’s able to get you where you need to go safely, without exception.
Fleet Maintenance

  • Onsite fleet maintenance: We maintain vehicles at our facilities to ensure they’re subject to thorough inspection and testing. ATSTRANS onsite fleet maintenance in Tacoma, WA is encompassing and ensures that as soon as a vehicle leaves our facilities, it’s ready to deliver unwavering performance.
  • Offsite fleet maintenance: For services and issues that are beyond our capabilities, we rely on offsite fleet maintenance. Around the Sound penchant for quality means we stop at nothing to ensure a fully-functional and safe vehicle.
  • Onsite fleet oil change service: Around the Sound provides regular fleet oil changes to ensure ATSTRANS vehicles are always in proper operation order and that long-term problems are avoided via this critical attention to service.

For more information about the fleet services we undertake or to inquire about the comprehensive training our mechanics go through to become superior service professionals, please contact us today by calling (253) 858-7088.