Wheelchair Transportation Services

Finding reliable wheelchair transportation services for yourself, or for loved ones that are sick, elderly, or disabled can be challenging. At Around the Sound, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with convenient and expedient transportation.

We have custom and well-maintained vehicles specially set aside for wheelchair transport, as well as for other medical transportation services. In addition, we have a team of drivers that are well-trained to offer professional and accommodating transport services.

Advantages of Wheelchair Transportation

Around the Sound can provide excellent wheelchair transportation services, which come with many advantages, including

Care and Treatment

Our drivers are trained to provide every client with the best care and riding conditions. Due to the keen attention of our staff, we can ensure all riders are well attended to on their way to the hospital, non-emergency medical appointments, and any other non-medical destinations.

We can also help with the transportation of equipment like oxygen tanks, and other devices that help in monitoring a patient’s vitals.


The safety of yourself and your wheelchair is not always assured when using public transport, and it can be tricky with many private transport companies. Safety is our topmost priority to ensure that every passenger and their belongings are safe while using our services.

Using wheelchair transportation services ensures the vehicles that you ride in are well-equipped with everything needed to accommodate wheelchair users. Additionally, our drivers have all the prerequisite defensive driving skills necessary to ensure the safety of all our clients.

Well-maintained and Customized Vehicles

Our vehicles are not only customized to accommodate wheelchair users, but they are also well-maintained to give our users the best transportation experience while minimizing the inconveniences of mechanical breakdowns.

The tie-down and wheelchair systems ensure that your wheelchair is properly restrained throughout the journey. This makes it appropriate and comfortable to use in both long and short distances.

Door to Door Services

Our services include ensuring our clients are in the facilities they have appointments and are returned home right to their door. This means that we do not drop you off at the curb, and leave you to make your own way into a business or your home.

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