Accessible Transportation Services

Around the Sound takes care of mobility-challenged people and the people who provide care for them with accessible transportation services.

Accessible Transportation Services

What are accessible transportation services?

There are at least 3.6 million people in the United States and about one hundred thousand people in Washington who can’t travel comfortably in conventional cars and busses.

These are people who get around in wheelchairs. Or who can’t sit up for a trip of more than a few minutes. Or who need family members and attendants to travel with them to provide for special needs.

Sometimes the barrier to accessibility is something as simple as the need to travel with a service animal.

Accessible transportation services provide the vehicles and drivers these Americans need when they need them.

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Why are accessible transportation services important?

In an age of Zoom meetings, home health care, DoorDash, and Instacart, when all of us have been through months of lockdowns and restricted public activities, it might be easy to suppose that some people could do just as well at home.

That just isn’t true.

There is strong clinical data from the DHS that show that the ability to get to doctor’s appointments is a major factor in maintaining health. In fact, the study showed that the ability to get to and from medical appointments was twice as important, on average, as any particular medical treatment.

If you can get to the doctor regularly, all of your treatments and medications work better for you.

Around the Sound provides reliable, comfortable, affordable door-to-door medical transportation. We can pick up non-emergency patients and their family members or caregivers and take them to appointments to arrive on time. We provide comfortable travel for the trip, whether it’s local or to some distant location in our service area/ We have safe, polite, experienced drivers who are constantly thinking about your safety and comfort. And because we have done tens of thousands of these kinds of service calls, we know what to do when unusual things happen.

But transportation needs aren’t all about health.

Other Uses of Accessible Transport

One of the huge frustrations of the mobility challenged is missing out on major life events. Weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and funerals are important passages of life that can be experienced from home. Around the Sound can provide transportation for everyone in the family and everyone who should come to the party.

We can arrange transportation to and from locations in cities, small towns, rural areas, and national parks. We can make sure everyone you want to share in your special day has the opportunity to arrive and depart on schedule and in dignity and comfort.

Accessible Transportation Services

Contact ATS Transport for Accessible Transportation Services

One of our strengths is the size of our fleet. We have over 80 vehicles ready for service. We have the transportation you need when you need to schedule it.

Another of our strengths is the quality of our drivers. All of our drivers pass background checks and extensive company training before they go on the road. We give our drivers incentives to stay with the company, and we even pay them for their time when they are waiting for you. We reward our drivers for the patience they show with our customers.

And because we have so many years of experience shuttling people around the sound, we have probably helped other people with situations just like yours.

At Around the Sound we take pride in our superior safety record and our commitment to dependable service. Around the Sound offers accessible transportation services for Clallam, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce, and Thurston counties. Contact us online or call us at (253) 858-7088 for more information and a quote.