Long Distance Medical Transportation

There are some people who just can’t fly.

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Suppose you have diabetic retinopathy. Your eye surgeon might perform a sight-saving operation that replaces the contents of your eye with an air bubble. You can’t take the risk of encountering low air pressure that causes the bubble to expand, so you and your family will need ground transportation for long trips.

Or suppose you have recently had a heart attack, had heart surgery, or had surgery on your lungs. Or you have uncontrolled congestive heart failure or a tendency to deep vein thrombosis. You just can’t fly. You need ground transportation for long trips. But you and your family don’t have to do the driving.

You can use Around the Sound for your long-distance medical transportation.

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 Benefits of using Long Distance Transportation at ATS

Here are seven:

  1. Around the Sound can book appropriately licensed and credentialed medical support personnel to take the trip with you. Should an emergency arise, you won’t have to call for help. Help will already be on board. You can travel with the assurance that an appropriate level of medical care is traveling with you.
  2. Around the Sound can ensure the patient has access to all the special equipment needs for the duration of the trip. We can provide supplemental oxygen. We know what to do when a defibrillator goes off. We know how to help passengers who have special bathroom needs.
  3. Around the Sound offers a lot more room than a private car or a row of seats on an airplane. Our buses are large enough for your spouse, children, and other loved ones, sometimes even your pets, to travel with you without anyone feeling cramped or neglected. Your family can be sure you are cared for because they will be there. And if you are traveling with your pet, you won’t have to worry about how they are treated in a cargo hold or when you will be reunited at the end of your trip. (Be sure to mention your pet when you are booking your trip.)
  4. Around the Sound doesn’t use just any driver for long-distance medical transportation. Our bus operators for long-distance medical transportation are our most experienced, dependable, and best-trained drivers in our fleet. We make sure they renew all of their certifications annually, and they get continuous education on how to accommodate passengers with medical needs. Our drivers drive defensively to stop accidents before they happen.
  5. When you travel with Around the Sound, you don’t have to worry about breakdowns. Maybe you have enough energy to drive your car, but what would you do if you had to change a tire? What would you do if your transmission went out? Around the Sound invests in vehicle maintenance and monitors vehicle performance in real-time with GPS. And in the very unlikely event something should go wrong with one of our vehicles, we have a fleet to back it up.
  6. When you travel with Around the Sound, you don’t have to worry about your own driving limitations. Maybe you can’t drive at night. Or you just aren’t inclined to drive in freezing weather. Our drivers have excellent driving skills that can get you to your destination in all kinds of weather
  7. When you travel with Around the Sound, you get to set your travel times. You are in charge of planning. Just leave the driving to us.

Call Around the Sound or fill out the contact form below for more information, or for a quote on the cost of a trip. You will be glad you chose to ride with Around the Sound.