Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

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Do you reserve non-emergency medical transportation rides? Are you planning to book a medical transport service in the future? Great! At Around the Sound, we are here to help you. Patient transportation plays a significant role in providing high-quality healthcare.
A good non-emergency transportation service should, of course, have a spacious ride, be well-equipped, technologically advanced, and have professional staff to take care of the varying needs of patients. Therefore, access to good non-medical transportation services should always be a necessity.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

What is the medical transport cost expectation? This can sometimes be a tricky question for several reasons. First, non-emergency medical transportation rates vary from provider to provider. There are no defined standard prices for the service across the United States of America. Additionally, insurance coverage of the service also varies from one insurance company to the other.
The base charge for a non-emergency transportation service usually depends on the type of transportation required: stretcher, wheelchair, or ambulatory.
Below are approximate rates of the amount you can pay for various non-emergency transportation services.

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Types of Charge Weekdays Off Business hours and Weekends Holidays
Wheelchair transportation $45 – $50 $75 – $90 $85 – $100
Ambulatory Services $25 – $30 $30 – $40 $35 – $45
Stretcher transportation $100 – $200 $125 – $225 $150 – $250
Additional Mileage Rates $3 – $5/mile $5 – $7/mile $5 – $10/mile
Wait-time Costs $15 – $30 $15 – $30 $15 – $30
Additional Attendant Cost $5 – $10 $5 – $10 $5 – $10

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Different Types of Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services are offered to people with illnesses that limit mobility or chronic medical conditions. Non-emergency medical transportation services support patients going to doctor’s appointments and regularly needing medical attention, treatment, and many related services.
NEMT services act as the link between the medical services required and the patient. For that reason, looking for a provider offering the highest common standards in non-emergency medical transportation is always good. The different types of NEMT services include:

  • Ambulatory transit: This is the most popular non-emergency medical transportation service. It is for patients who can walk unassisted, require minimal assistance, and do not require special transportation equipment.
  • Stretcher transportation: Transportation offered to patients with back conditions or those unable to sit upright. Booking this type of service implies that no emergency service is required at arrival or in transit.
  • Wheelchair transportation: The transportation service is offered to patients who cannot walk and use a wheelchair. Drivers of this type of vehicle and wheelchair lifts must have received CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training.
  • Flight escorts: Provided to patients who are healthy enough to fly by air but require special attention mainly because they cannot converse or sit upright.
  • Courier service: A type of NEMT service that transports organs, human blood, and other biological materials for research and hospitals.

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What to Expect from a Non-emergency Medical Transportation Service?

NEMT services allow patients to access medical services. You only need to make a booking, and the transportation company will confirm your next appointment time. What is the expectation of a non-emergency medical transportation service?

Carefully Selected Technicians and Drivers

Fully qualified technicians and drivers assume full responsibility for patients who use wheelchairs.
Through specific training, drivers are knowledgeable about providing accessible transportation. They respond to the circumstances appropriately and maintain the passenger’s comfort. Most of the drivers have prior experience driving ambulances. They give everything they have to what they do! On-board technicians additionally guarantee the passenger’s general security and comfort.

Safety Features

A NEMT service with state-of-the-art specifications guarantees safety. Modern service vehicles and technological advancement paired with qualified and professional staff enable a patient to sit in a wheelchair and travel safely and comfortably to the desired location.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-door transportation services make it hassle-free and convenient for individuals with limited mobility. Reputable and top non-emergency medical transportation companies are worth the price because they put their clients first and do what they say.

Enjoy Freedom

An excellent NEMT service can help patients regain the feeling of independence and freedom that they have been missing through limited mobility. However, courteous and punctual service can never leave a patient hanging. Have control over life by getting the best NEMT provider in your area. Invest in research and settle on the best and most affordable non-emergency medical transportation provider.

Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Worth it?

NEMT services benefit patients who need medical attention but have non-urgent medical needs. They make life easier and cheaper for patients who constantly need transportation to the hospital for checkups and other non-emergency medical services. Some key benefits of NEMT services include the following:

Vital Medical Equipment

They include necessary medical equipment, allowing the patient to travel comfortably. Until they reach their destination, the professional can manage the patient’s medical condition with this equipment. This essential gear will be required to avoid difficulties and being able to keep an eye on a patient is always a good idea. A fantastic approach to guarantee that the patients can be safe is to have non-emergency medical transportation that may be customized to a specific situation.

Cheaper Than Emergency Medical Transport

Compared to EMT (Emergency Medical Transportation services, EMTs are relatively cheaper. The vehicle’s driver won’t need to act immediately because the patient’s life is in danger; instead, the medical expert can plan an appointment with the customer. The amount of emergency supplies and personnel always on board an emergency vehicle also contributes to its price. There is no need for several medical specialists, and you wind up footing the bill if you have problems traveling to and from your doctor’s visits.

Bottom Line

For many Americans, non-emergency medical transportation services are essential. This research demonstrates that the consequences of delayed medical attention can be lethal. If you require NEMT services, whether gurney van transportation or wheelchair transportation, get in touch with your area providers to get more special rates and your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

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