What is a Gurney Transport and How Much Does It Cost?

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According to a recent report from the National Health Council, an estimated 157 million Americans suffer from chronic diseases, with 81 million having multiple conditions. Studies have also indicated that approximately 61 million people in the U.S.A. live with a disability. In addition, the country also has some 54.1 million elderly citizens, according to a recent survey. As a result, the need for gurney transport services to help these people access medical care is ever-present. This article explores gurney transport, including what it is, how it works, what to expect, and everything you may want to know about this revolutionary service.


What is a Gurney Transport?

Hospitals commonly use gurney transport to move patients with limited mobility to their required destinations. Patients stay on the stretcher while lying down or sitting upright, depending on their conditions. The stretcher is carefully and comfortably placed in the vehicle to ensure the safety of patients. Depending on the patient’s condition, it can be arranged for two or more specialists to ride along in order to facilitate the patient’s movement into and out of the vehicle.

However, the need for gurney transport varies from one person to another. It is not only used to move those who need medical attention. Gurney is also used to transport people with limited mobility to special events such as family meetings, weddings, church services, and funerals.

How Gurney Transport Works

Gurney transport majorly deals with bed-bound individuals who need medical assistance and has to be done carefully, paying attention to every detail of the patient’s condition. Once the state is known, the patient is carefully moved from their bed to the gurney using a transfer board into the vehicle, which has a side auto-locking system to secure the gurney.

When the patient arrives at the hospital, certified gurney professionals roll the gurney in the facility and stay until the patient is moved to the hospital bed for treatment. If the patient is admitted as an out-patient, the gurney specialist stays until the patient is treated, then they move them back to the gurney and take them home.

What to Expect from Gurney Transportation Services

This form of transport has bedside to bedside services where staff stay with patients all the way to take care of them. It comes with many benefits, including:

Timely Transport: Time is crucial in seeking medical care, and nobody wants to be late for a medical checkup. Our gurney transport service at Around the Sound considers this essential need when transporting our clients to ensure convenience in their daily plans.

Comfort: Every patient needs to feel comfortable while being transported in a gurney to seek medical service. To achieve this, the Around the Sound transport service uses modern model vehicles configured with specialized equipment to enhance a comfortable experience while transferring patients from their home beds into the vehicle.

Safety: The well-being of patients while being transported to hospitals is paramount. To ensure this is done, we have trained staff in gurney transportation to keep patients safe all the way.

How to Choose a Gurney Transport Service

While looking for a gurney transport service to take you to the hospital or an event, you need to consider the following factors:

ADA Compliance: Before hiring a company to offer you gurney transport, find out whether they are compliant with the latest safety and effective transport guidelines provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that nothing goes wrong during transportation.

Reliability: While hiring a company for gurney transport, it is crucial to check their experience and consistency in their performance in the industry to make sure you choose a transport service that will satisfy your needs.

Flexibility: A good gurney transport company should pick patients anytime they need, especially those with chronic illnesses that require continuous medical attention.

How Much Does Gurney Transportation Cost?

The cost of this transport varies depending on several factors, including the number of trips needed in a day, the weight of the patients, condition of patients, and traveling distance. In addition, if any unique accommodation are required, and the number of staff needed in the field will also influence the cost of transport.

Book Your Gurney Transport Service Today

Do you have a general question regarding Around the Sound and our services, or do you need to make a reservation for a trip? Simply reach out, and one of our team members will respond to your email as soon as possible. A broad range of transportation options are available via Around the Sound, and the company can serve travelers with a wide variety of needs.

No matter whether you need airport drop-offs and pick-ups, or non-emergency medical transportation to a hospital, we are the number one resource to contact. In addition to the Pacific Northwest, Around the Sound is delighted to service the whole United States. We value the well-being of our customers and have new vehicles configured with special equipment to satisfy your needs. So, call us now on (253) 858-7088, or go online and book your appointment now.

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