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Why a Shuttle Service Is Always Recommended

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Using a shuttle service in Seattle, WA for corporate events or large parties is proven to reduce the stress of travel and create peace of mind for the traveler. Outsourcing the logistics of travel coordination is also great for the event organizer.

That said, you may not find the best shuttle service by simply typing “best shuttle service near me” into the search bar. Looking for a few specific perks and comforts will match you with the perfect shuttle service for you, in your area.

Great Shuttle Services put the Customer First

When booking a shuttle service, you should feel that the service is efficient, yet still flexible enough to accommodate your unique needs. Not every client is the same, and you may have additional requirements that others do not. A great shuttle service will listen to these needs and deliver accordingly.

Everything from where individuals need to be picked up, to the order of pickup, to any special travel restrictions should be taken into account. Especially in light of the pandemic, your shuttle service should also be forthcoming about their safety standards and mask policies.

Shuttle Services Enhance Your Company Reputation

In terms of a work perk, there is nothing better than a convenient solution to what is normally a stress-inducing headache or pain point. You can earn your company respect and loyalty from employees, which often spreads through word of mouth to potential hires as well. Never underestimate the power of having a consistent and steady pipeline of eager job applicants at your disposal.

Logistics are complicated, especially for larger organizations, when planning for a large gathering or conference. Make it easier for your company and employees by outsourcing the legwork of the travel operation to a shuttle service company, which specializes in handling these details every day. That way, you don’t miss anything important and can spend time developing your workforce instead.

Shuttle services in Seattle, WA are better for the environment as well as your bottom line. Encouraging carpooling mitigates parking expenses and CO2 emissions to boot. Not to mention the camaraderie you engender by setting the tone for the entire work trip via a shuttle service.

Shuttle Services are Versatile

A great shuttle service makes it easy to schedule rides to and from homes, the airport and hotels. You can also schedule a shuttle service for long-distance transport between events, conferences and trade shows.

Inquire about space for additional equipment, including wheelchairs and bicycles. Every shuttle should be ADA compliant, and many can handily fit bikes and other hardware.

For the best shuttle service in Seattle, look not only at services and amenities, but also at fleet maintenance and customer service standards. Furthermore, if you have unique medical transport needs, speak with a representative directly. They will assist you in finding the best fit for your unique requirements.

The best shuttle service near you will be reliable and efficient, and able to respond to your personal needs. For more information on our Seattle-based shuttle services, contact Around the Sound and discuss your options.

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