What Can Non-Emergency Transportation Services in Tacoma, WA Be Used For?

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Are you considering the use of transportation services in Tacoma, WA for yourself or your loved one? This convenient option can transform your life. Once you take advantage of this service, you may wonder how you ever got along without it.

But when is it appropriate to use non-emergency transportation services in Tacoma, WA? This service is a good option in the following situations:

  • Medical appointments: Transportation to and from medical appointments via non-emergency medical transportation is a benefit of Medicaid. For those who have no other means of transportation to their appointments, Medicaid will provide this service.
  • Airport transportation: Do you need to get to the airport? Do you want to ensure that you get there on time? Do you have special transportation needs that make the option of taking a standard taxi or limo impractical? Transportation services in Tacoma, WA are your ideal solution.
  • Event transportation: Are you attending a special event? From graduations to concerts to conferences and more, transportation services in Tacoma, WA are your premier source to get you to your event safely and on time. We make traveling to events convenient and simple with our fully equipped ADA-compliant transportation vehicles.
  • Handicap transportation: Do you need a specially equipped service vehicle for convenient transportation? Perhaps you simply need to run errands or get to work. Non-emergency transportation services in Tacoma, WA are available to assist you.
  • Wheelchair transportation: Obviously, not all vehicles are equipped to handle wheelchair transportation. If you need to get from point A to point B with a wheelchair, transportation services in Tacoma, WA make this simple.
  • Medical transportation: If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, this does not mean you are unable to use transportation services in Tacoma, WA. If you need a ride to your physical therapy appointment, or if you need assistance with transportation to your next checkup, don’t hesitate to contact your local transportation service.
  • Recreation: If you’d like to arrange a ride to go to the movies, go shopping or enjoy other recreational activities, this will not be covered under Medicaid benefits. However, your local transportation services in Tacoma, WA can still assist you with these transportation needs. Simply contact your local provider to discuss availability and to make arrangements for your ride.
  • State transportation: Each state has different regulations regarding the funding for non-emergency transportation services. Be sure to follow guidelines for Washington as you set up your transportation services here. You may need to get the payment approved before you take your ride. This prior authorization may be the only way to ensure your transportation is paid for under Medicaid.

Enjoy Reliable Rides

When you need reliable transportation services in Tacoma, WA, contact the professionals at Around The Sound/TransPro. Family owned and operated, we have built a reputation for providing safe and professional service to the residents and businesses of Tacoma and the surrounding areas. We guarantee our service will always be prompt and reasonably priced, getting you to your destination safely every time. Call today to make your reservations.

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