What Benefits Do Shuttle Services Provide?

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Whether you’re vacationing with a group, organizing a family reunion or otherwise planning transportation for more than a few people, it can get complicated. Communicating to the entire group the “where” and “when” of transportation, as well as finding a shuttle service that can accommodate your group and any special needs they may have, can be difficult. A professional transportation service in Tacoma, WA can be the solution to simplify your event and needs. A shuttle service can provide many benefits, allowing for a smooth trip for everyone:

  • Safe travel: A transportation service in Tacoma, WA takes the most important factor into consideration: safety. Transporting a large group too often involves cramming too many people into too few seats, resulting in many individuals either lacking a seatbelt or sharing one, both of which can be safety hazards. A shuttle service will employ excellent drivers so you can sit back and relax in your own seat, and not worry about distracted drivers trying to chat with the group as well as navigate and drive at the same time.
  • Eliminate stress: Planning travel for a group can be a stressful endeavor. Take the stress out of the equation by booking a shuttle service. Instead of planning each leg of the trip, with different times and services for each location, book a shuttle service that can handle all the ins and outs as well as stops for the entire trip. Plus, you won’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar cities or streets, or making sure the transportation can accommodate everyone’s needs in your group.
  • Stay organized effortlessly: A shuttle service will organize all the details for you. You just have to show up! A transportation service in Tacoma, WA will eliminate the details of carpooling, renting cars and planning times and organizing with the group. Your group will just have to show up for the ride. Plus, you won’t have to worry about following directions and making sure no one in separate cars gets lost.
  • Privacy: A shuttle service, unlike public transportation, ensures privacy for your group. Instead of sharing the space with dozens of others, you can enjoy the privacy of the shuttle all to yourself so you can catch up and chat without worrying about disturbing others. You can spend the time in peace collaborating or quietly getting work done, too.
  • Special accommodations: In addition to special accommodations for those with wheelchairs and other needs, a shuttle service will have a restroom, extended storage, extra comfortable seats and space, and controlled temperature. If your trip is on the longer side, these amenities can really make a difference!

If you need a transportation service in Tacoma, WA, Around the Sound/TransPro is your premier transportation solution in the area. Whether your group is from out of town or you have relatives coming into town, we can provide safe and reliable transportation that will accommodate your needs and any special requirements. Our drivers are trained to provide safe and exceptional service. Call us today to book your ride!

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