Washington’s Seat Belt Laws Explained

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Seat belts have long been common features in automobiles, and it’s required in all 50 states for adults to wear them. While most people know this, they might not know the subtleties of seat belt laws, as they vary by state. For example, the age at which children are required to have a car seat or booster seat may differ depending on where you are in the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about seat belt laws in Washington state, read on:

  • Children: Any child older than eight or taller than 4’9” is required to wear a seat belt in the car. Children younger or shorter than those requirements must be in a booster seat or a child safety restraint system. This is per a state law passed in 2007. Also, children under 13 must be in the back seat if they can’t be properly secured in the front seat. Law enforcement officials can pull you over and cite violations of these laws, so knowing and complying with them is important.
  • Older vehicles: All vehicles were required to have seat belts following a law that went into effect in 1968. This means that the back seats need to have a minimum of a lap belt, and the front seats need to have a shoulder harness. If your vehicle has both lap and shoulder belts, as most seats do, you’re required to wear both.
  • Penalties: What happens if you’re pulled over and you’re not wearing a seat belt? You can be cited for the violation and will face a somewhat steep fine of $124. This citation will be included in your driver’s history. Failure to take care of this fine could cause license suspension. When compounded with other violations, you could wind up losing your license. However, a seat belt infraction on its own won’t be cause for insurance rates to climb.
  • Exceptions: There are very few exceptions to Washington state’s seat belt laws. Only those with written verification that they cannot wear seat belts for medical or health reasons are exempted from seat belt laws.

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