Tips for Safe Driving in Winter Weather

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In Washington, winter’s arrival often includes snow and ice that transform the world into a bright, sparkling wonderland for a few days. Unfortunately, that same snow and ice covers the road, causing any number of hazards for drivers going to and from their jobs, appointments, school or events.

As a premier transportation service in Tacoma, WA, we at Around The Sound/TransPro have to train our drivers to manage vehicles safely in inclement winter weather, and we wanted to share some of the tips our drivers follow with our customers. When snow and ice hit this season, keep these tips in mind to arrive at your destination safely:

  • Stay alert: The best thing to do when driving in icy or snowy conditions is to remain focused on the road and totally alert. Make sure you are well rested before you begin driving. Paying close attention to your surroundings can mean the difference between a safe ride and a dangerous crash.
  • Wear your seatbelt: One of the most obvious safety precautions is to always wear your seatbelt while driving, and to make sure all passengers are wearing theirs, too. The slippery roads and higher chance of collision makes wearing your seatbelt absolutely vital to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Drive slow: The best thing you can do when driving on snowy roads is to go slow. You might be tempted to drive quickly if there are fewer cars on the road or to get to your destination faster, but don’t do this! Slow and cautious driving will help mitigate traffic accidents and sliding.
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly: You must remember that snowy or icy roads have far less traction than dry roads, meaning you can’t accelerate or decelerate as quickly as you normally would. Speed up and slow down slower than you normally would to make sure you’re regaining traction.
  • Keep a wider margin: When following cars on snowy roads, it’s important to keep a wider margin than normal to ensure you have enough time to brake or steer out of the way if necessary. Following time should be increased from 3 to 4 seconds to 8 to 10 seconds as often as possible.
  • Steer in the desired direction: If you start to slide on the road, look and steer your car in the direction you want to go. Controlled movements like this will help you continue in the proper direction and avoid skidding off the road or hitting other cars.
  • Avoid cruise control: While it may be tempting to use cruise control to get from point A to point B, avoid using it when roads are snowy. Cruise control does not account for the traction of the road, it only maintains the speed, so you should be in control of the wheel and your speed to make the best decisions quickly, if you need to.
  • Hire a transportation service: If you don’t feel comfortable driving in snowy weather, don’t force yourself to! Hire a transportation service in Tacoma, WA to get you to your events, the airport or other places you might need to go safely and securely.

For premier transportation service in Tacoma, WA, call Around The Sound/TransPro! Our professionally trained and experienced drivers offer non-emergency medical, event and airport transportation and can accommodate any and all unique needs you might have.

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