The Evolution of Transportation Services in the U.S.

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With motor vehicle, train and airplane transportation at our disposal, we can travel vast distances throughout the country in a few short hours, but it wasn’t always this easy. Your local transportation service in Tacoma, WA is here to walk you through the evolution of transportation in the United States to see how we ended up where we are today:

  • Horse and wagon: In the late 18th century, the majority of the American population was located in the Eastern and Atlantic states. The main method of transportation that was used was horse and buggy, because the highway infrastructure was undeveloped at this time. The roads that did exist were costly and difficult to maintain, so they were either closed part of the year because they were unfit for wagon travel, or were for private use only.
  • Water transportation: As the United States continued to grow economically and sought more ways to get goods to market, the focus shifted to developing more sophisticated methods of traveling. Many of the major cities were located on ports or some other type of waterway, which made traveling on the water with sailing vessels very popular for shipping and mail transport. The advent of steamships in the beginning of the 19th century allowed for more efficient transportation up and down the coast for both freight and passenger travel.
  • Railways: Although water transportation was quicker and more reliable than horse and wagon, the geographical exploration was still somewhat limited, and it was railroad transportation that led to interconnectedness between the states in the middle of the 19th century. After the Civil War, the railroads advanced the spread of industrialization, and encouraged the growth of cities all over the country. These railroad companies also developed inner-city systems, such as trolleys and streetcars, for the transportation of passengers and freight.
  • Automobiles: With the invention of the automobile, the popularity and usage of train and trolley lines declined greatly, as vehicles provided a level of mobility that the United States had never seen before. In addition to cars, motorized buses and other vehicular methods of public transportation diminished the use of city streetcars, and the government soon built a high-volume network of interstate highway systems to connect the entire country.
  • Air travel: The initial airline surge all but signaled the end of ridership on intercity rail travel, and as the configurations of airports and airplanes expanded, air travel became more affordable for the general public. Once the jet age came into existence, it was possible for airlines to increase the capacity of each flight, and in turn decrease the costs and duration of travel, making air travel one of the most appealing methods of transportation available.

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