The Comprehensive 80-Hour Training Program Mandated by Our Transportation Service in Tacoma, WA

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Our constant focus at Around the Sound/TransPro is providing our customers with safe transportation services that get them where they need to be without any cares or concerns. Part of how we accomplish this is by ensuring the quality and thorough training of all of our drivers.

We have a comprehensive 80-hour training program that is mandatory for every driver who works for our transportation service in Tacoma, WA. This program begins during hiring, and includes 80 hours of driver training and another 16 hours of Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport (NEST) training. By doing these types of trainings during the hiring process, we can ensure every driver who works for us is able to meet our safety and quality standards.

Here are some specific examples of topics included in these 80 hours of training courses:

  • CPR and first aid: It is important to us that all of our drivers be skilled in some basic medical procedures, including first aid and CPR. While the hope is that our drivers will never have to use these skills, it is important that they are prepared for all potential scenarios that could arise while on the job, including emergency medical situations. All of our drivers are CPR certified and are well versed in a variety of first aid processes to ensure they can respond quickly and appropriately when needed and provide the necessary assistance while waiting for medical responders.
  • Defensive driving: Good drivers must know not only how to abide by all of the rules of the road, but also how to engage in defensive driving practices to ensure their safety, especially when other drivers on the road are overly aggressive or dangerous.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures: All Around the Sound/TransPro drivers go through emergency evacuation protocols to ensure they are prepared to deliver their riders to safety during emergency situations.
  • Drug and alcohol awareness programs: Drug and alcohol use is, obviously, strictly forbidden for our drivers. Our drug and alcohol awareness programs not only go over the dangers of driving while intoxicated, but also instruct our drivers in the recognition of warning signs of intoxication in passengers and how to handle these types of situations when they arise.
  • Technology training: All of our drivers must be well versed in the use of all technologies onboard the vehicle, as well as any other technologies that are required for them to fully carry out their job duties.
  • Biohazard training: Drivers carrying shipments of potentially biohazardous materials must undergo special training for the transportation of such materials. A driver who does not have sufficient biohazard training could potentially be a massive security vulnerability when shipping such materials.

These are just a few examples of some of the elements included in our thorough 80-hour training programs we require out of all of the drivers who work with our transportation service in Tacoma, WA. For more information about the steps we take to ensure the safety of our passengers and cargo, we encourage you to contact Around the Sound/TransPro today.

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