Shuttle Transportation Service in Tacoma, WA Explained

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When most people think of shuttle service, they think about trips to and from the airport. The reality however, is that shuttle transportation service in Tacoma, WA offers much more than that. It is true that shuttle services are commonly used to get passengers to and from the airport, but there are several other instances in which this method of transportation provides unmatched convenience. Shuttle service is any method of transportation that gets you from one pre-determined location to another, and these are just a few of the many different times in which this form of transportation can be used.

The many uses of shuttle service

Shuttle service can be used to travel long distances, but it’s most commonly used for inner city transportation. Since the primary purpose of shuttle services are to get passengers from one set location to the arranged destination, the potential uses for this type of transportation are wide-ranging:

  • Park and ride: A shuttle may connect with a city’s main transportation hub, making several trips back and forth each day so that those needing to get to work or other locations within the inner city are able to connect with the trains, buses or other forms of public transportation that will get them there.
  • Travel for large groups: Because shuttle service frequently takes place on minibuses or vans, this is a particularly useful method of transportation when you are traveling with a large group. If you are planning an upcoming family reunion, reserving a shuttle so that your entire group can get to your destination will be both convenient and cost effective.
  • Shuttle service for your business: Since shuttles are great for large groups traveling to the same destination, this service is particularly beneficial in the commercial realm. Hotels that have shuttles going to and from the airport every so often can be used as a draw for visitors who are not familiar with an area and would prefer not to rent a vehicle. Shuttles can also be used to get customers in the doors of bars and restaurants that are near sporting arenas or local attractions. Offering shuttle service to these nearby events is a great way to drum up potential business, as it will help customers save money on parking, and will allow them to enjoy themselves without having to worry about how transportation will be handled.

Whether you are planning a trip to the area and need to get back and forth from the airport, or you are a commercial business owner looking for ways to better accommodate your customers or clients, contact us at Around the Sound/TransPro. With over two decades of experience in the industry, our reliable team has built a reputation as one of the premiere shuttle transportation services in Tacoma, WA, and we are ready to use this knowhow to meet your transportation needs as well. To learn more about how our shuttle services work and the many ways they can benefit you, give us a call right away.

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