Planning a Convention? Here’s the Process a Transportation Service in Tacoma, WA Goes Through

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Planning a convention takes time and dedication, as anyone who has ever planned one knows well. Something your large event might require to run as smoothly as possible is transportation. If you need transportation options, then make sure you choose a reputable and experienced provider to work with. In fact, when you hire a professional transportation service that specializes in event transportation, you leave the plans to them so you can focus on your other duties.

The key to knowing your convention’s transportation options is to allow plenty of leeway to plan. Here’s what you should know about the process a transportation service in Tacoma, WA goes through.

They need information about your event

You want your convention planning to bring as little stress as possible. For this reason, be sure to contact your chosen transportation company in advance—as soon as you know the date of your special event, if you’re able. The transportation service will want you to provide as much information as possible, including the venue, type of event, number of attendees and any specific transportation requirements, such as VIP pickup and airport transport. This information and past experience helps the company determine the type and size of the fleet they’ll recommend for your needs.

Let’s say you will need transportation to take guests from the hotel to the venue or other destinations multiple times throughout the course of the event. Although there are various fleet vehicles perfect for the job, the majority of convention event transportation is going to be shuttle busses. Most shuttle busses can safely carry up to a few dozen people, but the number of seats will vary depending on the vehicle model and the company.

They either know or will get to know the route

It’s important to ask the transportation service you want to work with if they’ve coordinated a convention at your specific venue before. If they have, their drivers will be familiar with the city and relevant driving routes. This better ensures your attendees will arrive to various event venues quickly and on time. In addition, the company will likely have strong connections with local law enforcement. This is helpful for larger planned events and figuring out routes—even blocking off roads, if necessary—for shuttle bus transport. All of this will make the transportation experience throughout the duration of the convention pleasant for both attendees and drivers.

They provide on-site management

Your plans for the convention are complete, and your chosen transportation company has all its ducks in a row. Now it’s time for the transport service to plan how they will monitor activities. That’s right—their job doesn’t pause once your event starts. An experienced transportation company should offer on-site managers to handle any issues that may arise with fleet vehicles, drivers or passengers. Choose a professional and reliable transportation service in Tacoma, WA, and your event guests will get from point A to point B when they need to.

For more information about specialized transportation for your next special event, contact Around The Sound/TransPro. We look forward to working with you!

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