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If you are looking for satisfying work where customers are always happy to see you, consider applying at Around the Sound/TransPro, the premier transportation service in Tacoma, WA. We are currently looking for full- and part-time drivers and will include training if you are hired. Here is what you will enjoy by working for us:

• Assisting those in need: Many people we help use mobility devices like wheelchairs or walkers, or suffer from mental conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We also assist veterans who need a reliable way to travel between home and doctor appointments. People in these special circumstances need transportation assistance and reassurance to travel at ease. You ease the burden on family members who may need to take time off work to attend to these duties. Sometimes, full-time caregivers need a break, too, and providing transportation offers them that needed alone time. Many drivers often feel satisfaction providing this service and knowing that what they do matters to patients and their friends and families.

• Providing service on happy days: We also provide event and wedding transportation so there is one less thing to worry about on a happy but busy day. You will see people at their best and anticipating a grand celebration or event. Since we also provide airport transportation services, you will also witness customers as they take that long-anticipated trip. There is another brand of satisfaction that arises when you are a part of other people’s happiness. Those who love interacting with others find this job fun and rewarding.

• Keeping roads safe: There are times when people simply should not drive. Wine tastings, bachelor or bachelorette parties and pub crawls are a few examples where customers may indulge a bit too much and need assistance continuing the celebration and getting home safely. Airport transportation provides an alternative to steep parking fees, but also helps people avoid attempting the highways late at night while suffering jet lag. We provide a way to get home or explore the city without putting other drivers at risk.

• Thorough training: Every successful applicant enjoys the benefits of our training program. We go over basic transportation principles like National Traffic Safety Institute procedures, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act and customer service. You will feel confident working with disabled individuals because we train you on loading and unloading passengers and being familiar with different mobility devices and the role of service animals. We also cover basic CPR, first aid and defensive driving training. People who undergo our training program leave it feeling assured of their new knowledge and abilities.

• More work, less contingencies: We maintain our fleet on-site and handle issues as they arise. The training program also teaches you the signs of trouble with your vehicle so you can report issues quickly. You will not waste time with broken down vehicles and angry customers. Every day you drive, you know your vehicle is ready for the job and you can fulfill your duties efficiently.

Around the Sound/TransPro is the premier airport, event and non-emergency medical transportation service in Tacoma, WA. Call us today to schedule transportation or ask about our current job opportunities.

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