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At Around the Sound/TransPro, our primary priority is always the safety of our customers. We log a lot of miles on the road every single day for all of our transportation services in Tacoma, WA, and when you’re out on the road that much, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers and hazards you could face.

Here are a few of the biggest safety challenges that affect the transportation industry that we work every single day to counteract.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the biggest dangers on today’s roadways, largely due to the proliferation of smartphones and other such mobile devices. Distracted drivers are about three times more likely to be involved in an accident than a fully attentive driver. Not only do drivers need to keep their eyes on the road, but they also need to maintain their mental focus on what they’re seeing and what’s in front of them.

Our goal as a transportation service is to keep all drivers focused on the road and to prevent the use of devices that could cause them to become distracted and a danger to other drivers.

Slips and falls

During the winter months, slips and falls are an especially big concern in the transportation service industry. Many drivers have elderly or disabled customers they drive around, which means they are at greater risk of suffering from slips and falls. But when the conditions are bad, just about anyone is at a greater risk of slipping and falling.

Our drivers are trained to ensure all riders use three points of contact whenever entering or exiting the vehicle. Drivers also are trained to help people with mobility problems into and out of vehicles and up and down stairs at their destination and pickup points.

Improper walk-arounds

Bad weather or a lack of time can cause drivers to rush through their walk-arounds and vehicle inspections. However, these inspections are imperative—improper inspections can cause a failure to notice major vehicle issues.

Transportation companies often make these inspections mandatory. While it is impossible to guarantee a driver will always conduct the walk-around as directed, a culture of positive reinforcement and personal responsibility within a company goes a long way toward ensuring these inspections get done as mandated.

Driver fatigue

One of the greatest dangers associated with having drivers out on the road for a long period of time is driver fatigue. It’s only natural that a person who spends many hours out of a day (especially consecutively) without many breaks will start to become tired, and may have more problems focusing on the road. We have caps on how long drivers are able to be behind the wheel, both consecutively and within a given 24-hour period. This ensures you will always have drivers who are alert and awake.

These are just a few of the most common safety issues that pop up in the transportation industry. For more information, contact our transportation service in Tacoma, WA to learn about the steps we take to ensure passenger safety at all times.

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