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At Around the Sound/TransPro, our number one priority is to ensure each ride is smooth, comfortable and efficient. We know just how important it is to arrive on time and safely to a doctor’s appointment, wedding reception or the airport. We have built our reputation over the past two decades on providing safe and professional transportation services in Tacoma, WA. Plus, our vehicles are designed to accommodate any and all unique needs you may have.

While we hope every trip is a success, we always want to know what we can do to improve the experience. To help us serve you best, consider the following when providing feedback about your recent trip with Around the Sound/TransPro:

  • Give us honest feedback: We want to know what we can do to make sure every trip is a success. This is dependent on honest feedback from our customers. It’s difficult to find a solution for an issue if we are not aware that something even happened in the first place. Please contact us as soon as possible if something goes wrong, or if the ride wasn’t what you expected. By letting our team know about the problem, we can take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again. Feel free to also share any good parts of the trip, as it is unlikely it was terrible from start to finish.
  • Think positive: A positive attitude is key to a productive conversation about a negative encounter and can really help our staff understand what happened. We understand that a bad experience can be frustrating, but it’s easier to address the matter if all parties remain calm and polite as we attempt to identify and fix the problem.
  • Consider each experience: Did you have one negative experience after using Around the Sound/TransPro multiple times? Try to weigh each experience equally when reporting an issue to our staff. Fairly evaluating the trip against every other ride will help us better understand the full picture. Let us know if it is a repeat issue, too.
  • Asking for a refund: Our goal is for the customer to always reach their destination satisfied. We will be more than happy to consider reducing the cost of the trip or even offering a complete refund if the service did not go as planned. It’s important to remember that our management staff will need to review the situation and speak to all involved parties before any decision is made or a refund is issued.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t be able to provide top quality transportation services in Tacoma, WA without the ongoing support of our customers. We want each and every rider to step out of one of our vehicles feeling happy. We pride ourselves on providing prompt and reasonably priced services, and that’s only possible with your help. Give Around the Sound/TransPro a call today to let us know about a recent issue or get more information about the services we offer. We look forward to working with you!

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