Is Your Transportation Company Following the Rules?

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As a customer, you can’t help but assume your transportation company is playing by the rules. Most riders never even consider the idea that something could be amiss. The transportation industry, after all, is highly regulated. However, business owners must follow the constantly changing regulations on top of operating a successful business. Unfortunately, many transportation companies will cut corners when it comes to regulations to keep costs low. These cost-saving measures could end up putting both employees and riders at risk. In other cases, a rule may have changed and the transportation service in Tacoma, WA just hasn’t caught up yet.

Here are just a few of the primary regulations transportation companies like Around the Sound/TransPro must comply with.


Safety should be the top priority for every type of transportation service in Tacoma, WA. Taking risks just isn’t worth it when it comes to the safety of passengers and personnel:

  • Maintenance: All vehicles should be properly maintained. This can be accomplished by hiring an on-site mechanic to maintain the vehicles as needed, or by contracting with a local garage. Either way, maintenance should be performed frequently to ensure the vehicles are in top running condition and to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Any vehicle that doesn’t meet safety standards should be pulled from the fleet until it has been repaired. The company should be happy to provide maintenance records to the customer when requested.
  • Safe driving: Every company has insurance in case of an accident, but the drivers should also be taking steps to avoid having anything happen in the first place. All employees should be trained in safe driving techniques and always follow the rules of the road.


All drivers need to be properly licensed before they are allowed behind the wheel. Drivers operating airport and handicap transportation typically only need a current state-issued driver’s license. A reputable company will check that the license is valid, in addition to running a background check for any previous violations or suspensions. Ultimately, a driver with a bad record shouldn’t be behind the wheel for a transportations service in Seattle, WA.

ADA compliance

This one is especially important for companies offering non-emergency medical and wheelchair transportation. The vehicle should be disability-friendly and comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Companies not in compliance with ADA regulations can be hit with steep fines, and may even lose their business license.

Environmental laws

Washington State has numerous laws aimed at protecting the environment, including mandatory emissions tests every two years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also encourages drivers to avoid idling to reduce pollution, and to use non-diesel vehicles. Transportation companies are responsible for knowing these regulations and how they apply to them.

The best transportation companies—like Around the Sound/TransPro—will follow these regulations, in addition to implementing their own, to promote safety. Contact our transportation service in Tacoma, WA today to learn more about the steps we take to keep our vehicles in top shape and ensure passenger safety with every ride.

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