How Much Money People Spend on Uber Each Month?

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Transportation services have been around for as long as there has been transportation. From stagecoaches to steam engines to taxis in New York City, there are so many different ways that people have gotten around through the years. Today, with the prominence of technology, a modern ride sharing service has been making waves and raking in the revenue. Uber is an increasingly popular ride service that allows people to get rides from drivers who are using their own vehicles to offer transportation from point A to point B. Drivers and riders are able to coordinate their ride through the use of an app that also facilitates easy payment with the press of a button. So, just how much are people spending on Uber on a regular basis, and is the cost worth the ride?

The amount that people spend on Uber

To better understand the amount of money that the average American spends on Uber, it’s important to first understand what the average American spends in general on transportation overall. Most people spend between nine and 25 percent of their income on transportation—this includes gas money, bus or train fare and expenditures that go to transportation service in Tacoma, WA.

Since so many people use Uber, the figures are relatively inconsistent and can range widely depending on many different factors. Across all Uber users, the median percentage of income that is spent on Uber is just a small .02 percent each month. When you take into account the median American income of a little over $4,000, the total that the average American spends on Uber services in a month amounts to a little less than a dollar. Even frequent Uber users spend only about 1.3 percent of their monthly income to take advantage of the service.

While Uber’s goal of becoming the transportation norm might not be a complete reality yet, there is something to be said for the popularity of ride sharing and transportation services. There is a definite need for people to be able to get a ride to their destination that is safe and timely. While Uber is a popular choice for people who want to get around in the city or who want a safe ride home after a get-together with friends, it isn’t always the most reliable choice when it comes to getting to things like medical appointments, and it can’t necessarily accommodate a large group of people. Because of this, many people opt for a professional transportation service in Tacoma, WA that specializes in offering transportation to medical appointments or getting groups to special events.

Reliable transportation service in Tacoma, WA

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