Four Important Tips for Rideshare Drivers

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Today, more and more people are requesting rides within their local areas and beyond from various transportation services, including rideshare apps. Rides can be as short as a few miles through a busy downtown or more than 100 miles out to another city. The thing about rideshares is knowing which one to call. If you are traveling with a wheelchair, for example, you need a transport vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs safely. Or, maybe you need a ride for a large group, but four passengers is the average limit for most vehicles driving for the popular rideshare companies.

There are many similarities between professional transportation services and rideshare companies, the main one being driving customers from one point to another for a fee. Both can take you to a destination such as the airport or your out-of-town lodging. If you are considering joining the rideshare industry, read on! Here are four important tips for drivers who are new to providing transportation service in Tacoma, WA:

  • Practice your patience: You’ve had your license for many years now, and you are well aware of how irritating the roads—and other motorists—can get. While you can lose your mind when it’s just you in the car, you need to keep your cool when driving rideshare customers. After a few attempts at driving others as your job, you’ll learn your best practices for rideshare driving in no time—including handling problem passengers who may be tired, frustrated, drunk or messy.
  • Create a drive plan: When you work for a transportation company, the usual routes may already be planned out for you. The best drivers plan out what they will do in advance, and unlike a rideshare that uses an app to find a driver near you in seconds, a transport service has the advantage of being able to schedule around the worst times to be on the roads if the customer’s needs allow. A transport service driver is always up on the latest road conditions and closures, airport demand and the quickest routes around town.
  • Have a reliable mobile phone: Depending on how your rideshare employer operates, you might need a cell phone at all times when on the job. This keeps drivers and customers in the know, be it through the company’s website, text messaging or a phone application. Not being connected could cost you in fares or reservations.
  • Keep your transport vehicle clean: Working for a transportation company, there’s likely a fleet maintenance team ready to clean, polish and tune up the vehicle you drive at the end of your shift. That means cleaning both the inside and the outside of the vehicle, making sure the paint and upholstery are spotless. As a rideshare driver, meanwhile, it makes sense to check all over and inside the vehicle to ensure cleanliness before you pick up your next customer.

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