Finding Transportation Services for Seniors

Finding Transportation Services for Seniors

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Senior people in society find it challenging to get around. According to studies, at least 20% of adults aged 65 or older do not drive. They need assistance driving or using public transport. In addition, most available transportation modes are not created with the seniors in mind. These transport modes don’t fully meet the seniors’ needs due to their strict schedules and not accommodating seniors’ limited mobility.

As a result, attending events, running errands, or just moving from one place to another is a nightmare for seniors. Moreover, for caregivers, moving an older person from one place to another becomes overwhelming. Around the Sound can help!

How to Find Transportation Services for Seniors

Finding short- or long-distance elderly transportation services can be tasking, but it does not need to be. Let’s dive into how to find ride services for seniors.

Local Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Local Area Agency On Aging offices offer invaluable support in terms of various information on local, state, and federal benefits and support programs for the elderly and also people living with disabilities. These offices are a critical resource that may guide one in finding appropriate options for senior transportation.

The Local Agency On Aging offices also serves as a link between home and community-based services for seniors. From this linkage, the senior people are referred to free transport agents or agents who provide their services at a low cost.

Insurance Covers (Age)

Senior citizens can access transportation services from some of their insurer. An example is Medicaid. Medicaid covers emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, such as scheduled doctor appointments.

However, it’s paramount for one to consult with the insurance company to ascertain if they treat transportation as an insurable cost.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) services support senior citizens who need medical attention regularly. For senior citizens who cannot drive, NEMT bridges this gap by facilitating their commute to the medical services they need.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Transportation for Seniors

When choosing a transportation model for seniors, you must consider several factors. The factors include:

  • Does the senior require special medical attention during transportation?
  • Is the senior’s residence in urban centers or rural areas?
  • How do they pay for their transportation needs?
  • Does their insurance cover transport costs incurred on trips intended for medical purposes?
  • Can they go alone, or do they need company? This enables one to select the right vehicle size to accommodate the seniors and the people accompanying them.
  • Do you need travel assistance because of a cane, crutches, walker, wheelchair, oversized wheelchair or gurney/stretcher?

Due to challenges faced by senior citizens while sourcing for transportation, Around the Sound company is here to provide a solution for seniors.

Transport Services Offered by Around the Sound

Around the Sound offers various transportation choices for individuals, groups, or specialized transportation for those with mobility issues, such as seniors.

Our fleet has well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers with skills and a unique compassion to take care of a passenger while transporting them.

Medical Transportation Services

For seniors with chronic illnesses and prone to medical emergencies, Around the Sound is a reliable partner ready and capable of transporting passengers to and from the hospital. Examples of medical transportation services provided for senior riders include:

  • Wheelchair and Gurney transportation: The fleet has unique features which accommodate Non–Emergency Medical Wheelchair transportation and Non-emergency stretcher transportation (NEST).
  • Ambulatory Transportation: Around the Sound, drivers will get you to the hospital safely and on time for medical attention.
  • Dementia-Alzheimer Transportation: Senior people with dementia have memory loss as a symptom, making their daily routine difficult to handle. Scheduling rides, getting to and out of the vehicle, paying fares, and even remembering their destinations become difficult, altering transportation capability. Our vehicles have been designed to cater to senior citizens with unique needs associated with dementia-Alzheimer.

At Around the Sound, we provide accessible transportation and special needs transportation that looks at providing extra solutions for senior citizens with special needs, such as walking aids and mobility assistance devices to accommodate those with cognitive and physical abilities.

Airport Transportation

Enjoy premium airport transportation services with Around the Sound, ensuring a smooth transition between landing and the destination.

Event Transportation

Let your senior family member join you at weddings, baby showers, sporting events, or any events. At Around the Sound, a team of professional drivers can handle senior people’s logistics and transportation to get them to and from events.

Our vehicles and staff are prepared to carry senior travelers to and from formal and informal events.

Long-Distance Transportation

Around the Sound provides medical transportation services for elderly and disabled people for long distances throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Why Choose Around the Sound for Seniors?

Utilizing Around the Sound’s Flexible services is one of the main improvements you can make for yourself as a senior. If you are also a caretaker or a relative of a senior, you should consider Around the Sound’s services for your senior.

Around the Sound offers around-the-clock senior transportation, dispatch, and door-to-door services. Therefore, senior citizens can schedule their rides when most convenient.

In addition, family members who want to accompany their loved ones can be accommodated.

Nevertheless, safety is paramount when choosing ride services for seniors, especially those with mobility constraints. Around the Sound, vehicles are accoutered with airbags and seat belts.

Additionally, drivers have undergone extensive background checks and training to ensure they are qualified to carry senior citizens and help them safely in and out of the car.

Another major benefit of Around the Sound services is their specialized medical transportation services. This is handy for seniors who need transportation services to attend medical appointments, urgent medical emergencies, or regular physical therapy sessions.

Around the Sound recognizes the growing demand for a cost-effective transportation ride service for senior citizens. Hence, we focus on cheaper alternatives to ambulances and air medical transportation by charging just a fraction of what they charge.

Contact Your Trusted Transportation Services for Seniors

If you need dependable senior transportation services for seniors or loved ones with constrained mobility, choose Around the Sound. Our dedication, affordability, commitment, and high-quality services have seen us a top choice in the Pacific Northwest. Contact us today at (253) 858-7088 or complete our online form to start scheduling your rides.

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