Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is an unfortunate reality for many Americans, as about 20 percent of all Americans over age 65 suffer from this condition. This can be difficult and confusing for everyone involved, including friends and family members. One piece of good news is that recent advancements in medicine and treatment have been shown to slow the progression of this degenerative disease.

Knowing the signs of Alzheimer’s disease means you can recognize it early and help your Tacoma, WA loved one get the help they need. Let’s take a look at the leading signs that someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Problems with Judgement

You may notice your loved one is having difficulty with judgment. This could include things like making irrational decisions, failing to take care of daily hygiene or making poor purchasing decisions.

This can also be connected to driving, as they may not be able to make smart decisions quickly. That’s why it’s often recommended that seniors rely on a professional transportation service to get them where they need to go.

Memory Loss

As you probably know, one of the leading signs of Alzheimer’s disease is faulty memory. You may notice at first that they’re forgetting appointments or locking their keys in the car. When this type of issue progresses and becomes worse, Alzheimer’s patients often forget major milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.

Vision Difficulties

While some age-related vision deterioration is to be expected, the sudden onset of poor vision can be related to Alzheimer’s. Inability to judge distances or differentiate between colors is a frequent symptom associated with this condition. When a senior’s vision starts to go, they may not be able to drive safely, and you should consider hiring a transportation service to meet their needs.


Alzheimer’s may result in confusion about times and places. If you’ve noticed your loved one has difficulty keeping track of times and dates, or even believe they’re living in a different era, these signs of cognitive dysfunction are linked to Alzheimer’s.

This can also lead to getting lost easily. Fortunately, a transportation service can eliminate this potential pitfall by picking up and dropping off your loved one whenever needed.

Behavioral Issues

This disease is associated with abnormal behaviors. This can manifest through sudden mood shifts and changes in demeanor. One minute, the individual may be happy and content, then the next, they’re angry or frightened. If you see any of these warning signs, it may be time to call a trusted medical professional.

You’re likely worried about the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and what it could mean for your loved one. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is their transportation. When seniors need support for transportation in Tacoma, WA, trust Around The Sound. Our company has a reputation for offering safe and professional non-emergency transportation for clients throughout the region.

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