What You Need to Know About Our Vehicle Cleaning Process

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Riding in a shared vehicle has always been a bit of a health risk. After all, you never know what other bacteria the other passengers may be carrying around on them. Those concerns have only worsened this year with the arrival of COVID-19.

At Around The Sound, we take the virus seriously, which is why we thoroughly clean our vans after each ride. This post will cover how public transportation is sanitized in Tacoma, WA and how we’re taking care of our clients.


Cleaning up the interior of our vehicles after each ride isn’t an easy task, but it’s one that must be done. These are the steps we take to ensure the health and safety of our passengers:

  • Litter removal: Seeing waste from previous passengers is the first sign that your van hasn’t been cleaned. We start by removing any trash from our vans. Discarded water bottles, candy wrappers and other debris all have to go, even if they don’t have germs on them.
  • Vacuuming: After all of the trash has been thrown away, we break out our industrial vacuum and set to work on vacuuming the floor, cupholders and any areas between the seats. This helps get rid of any crumbs or dirt that make for an untidy vehicle.
  • Disinfecting: Perhaps the most important part of sanitizing transportation vehicles in Tacoma, WA is spraying and wiping all surfaces—including knobs, seatbelts, wheelchair lifts and handrails—with a disinfectant. We use Spray Nine, which has proven effective in killing viruses similar to the novel coronavirus.
  • Windows: Finally, we tackle cleaning the interior of all of the window tracks, frames and glass with professional-grade glass cleaner. Smudges on the windows left from a previous ride are another indication that the vehicle hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned out.


Cleaning the exterior of our vehicles is equally as important as tidying up the interior. Here’s how we tackle cleaning the outside of our vans after each ride:

  • Door handles: Exterior door handles can be hotbeds for germs if they’re not cleaned after each ride. While sanitizing transportation vehicles in Tacoma, WA, we again use Spray Nine to disinfect all of the door handles. We even clean the driver’s side door handles as an extra safety measure.
  • Mirrors: Next, we use glass cleaner to clean off all exterior mirrors. The mirrors might not be infested with germs, but dirty mirrors make it difficult for our drivers to operate the vehicle—leading to a safety hazard.
  • Windshields: Bugs, tar and other debris flying up from the road commonly get stuck on the windshield. We use another professional-grade cleaner to remove all of that junk, ensuring a pristine exterior.
  • Wheels: Cleaning the wheels and tires isn’t necessarily a safety precaution, but it does improve the appearance of our fleet. When you see Around The Sound vehicles on the road, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be sparkling clean.

If you want a safe and clean ride, look no further than Around The Sound! Schedule your ride today or give us a call to learn more about how we sanitize our public transportation vehicles in Tacoma, WA.

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