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Who can you turn to when you need a lift? Around the Sound/TransPro, of course! Our drivers are fully trained to provide a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs, including event transportation, airport transportation and medical transportation. But there is one thing we want you to know right now: As a passenger, your safety is of the utmost importance, and that’s a fact! What’s more is that our drivers treat their riders like they are members of their own family.

As with all the transportation services at Around the Sound/TransPro, the safety of our passengers in wheelchairs is our number one priority. Here’s a list of important equipment features needed for safe wheelchair transportation in Tacoma, WA.

Vehicle wheelchair lifts

All wheelchair-accessible vans and vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lift appropriate for the style of wheelchair to be lifted. For example, a gurney wheelchair may require a larger lift to accommodate its size. This is a platform-style lift that, when powered on and operated by knowledgeable staff, will safely raise a wheelchair and person up so they can get into the van. A specialized lift is necessary for the safe and comfortable loading and unloading of wheelchair passengers.

OEM seating

It’s best and safest for riders to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seats in a wheelchair van, if they are able to move on their own or with assistance. This is because the van’s original seats have been crash tested and federally approved, whereas individual wheelchairs, even when properly secured in the van, have not passed the same safety standards.

Wheelchair tie downs

If a wheelchair passenger cannot be transferred to an OEM seat, then the wheelchair must be secured to the van’s interior using security ties manufactured specifically for transporting wheelchairs. Wheelchair tie downs are essential pieces of equipment for safe transportation. Wheelchair van drivers and assistants are required to perfect the tie down method, and regular training doesn’t hurt—especially when it comes to the safety of riders.

Proper safety belt placement

Seat belts for wheelchair occupants are not the same as for OEM van seats. In a standard seat, the lap and chest belts fit snug to the passenger’s body almost right away. However, safety belts for those in wheelchairs in tie downs have to be adjusted and positioned to fit the user and their chair. This is an important safety measure that cannot be neglected!

It’s important that everyone have their independence, no matter the mobility limitations they face or the chronic medical conditions they have been diagnosed with. For this reason, Around the Sound/TransPro offers reliable transportation services to accommodate those in need of non-emergency medical transport.

Whether you need to get to a scheduled doctor’s appointment or a facility for regular treatments, you can trust that our wheelchair transportation in Tacoma, WA will pick you up from home and drop you off on time, wherever you need to be. To learn more about what we have to offer, please get in touch with us today!

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