Is It Worth Carrying Hand Sanitizer with You?

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As of the end of June, the United States was closing in on nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. Most experts believe that number is actually much higher. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: the United States officially has the most cases of COVID-19 in the world. In these worrying times, the only solution is hygiene.

Of course, the United States doesn’t have handwashing stations on every corner, which means that you can’t always find a place to get your hands as clean as you might like. To get around this problem, some people have begun carrying hand sanitizer in Tacoma, WA.

But, how does hand sanitizer work, and is it worth having a bottle on hand to make sure you’re covered? Read on to find out.

How does hand sanitizer work?

Hand sanitizer is effective at killing off germs because of its active ingredient: alcohol. Either it will come in the form of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl (more commonly known as rubbing) alcohol. Either one is effective when it comes to killing off germs. When it’s applied to the skin, alcohol attacks viruses and breaks down their surface structure. This renders the germs and bacteria inert and useless.

For a type of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to work effectively, it needs to be at least 60 percent alcohol. To fight the COVID-19 virus specifically, the CDC recommends using a 60 percent alcohol hand sanitizer (at a minimum) to keep your hands clean.

What are the drawbacks of hand sanitizer?

In a state that is concerned with a spreading virus, there are several benefits to carrying hand sanitizer in Tacoma, WA. That said, alcohol-based hand sanitizer isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, it doesn’t coat your hands for a prolonged period; hand sanitizer kills the germs currently on your hands. Once you touch a contaminated surface, though, you have a new batch of bacteria to deal with. As a result, it’s important to continuously reapply hand sanitizer to fend off new germs.

The only surefire solution

When it comes to ridding your body of the germs and bacteria that come from the outside world—whether it’s the common cold or the novel coronavirus—the best way to make sure your hands are clean is with soap and warm water. Wash your hands for 20 full seconds, and be sure to coat the backs of your hands as well.

You should make sure to wash your hands when you head out into a public place and wash them once more when you get back.

Go the whole nine yards

Is hand sanitizer worth it? At the very least, carrying hand sanitizer in Tacoma, WA is a significant first step when you’re heading out into public. Another great way to make sure you’re safe is to use reliable and hygienic public transportation: Around the Sound.

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