How to Safely Get Around Town During a Pandemic

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A typical cold and flu season is not much cause for concern—however, there is nothing typical about this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has Americans washing their hands and belongings more thoroughly and more often than ever before. Be sure you are cleaning the correct way, or risk ineffective preventative measures that could lead to illness.

If American workers can work remotely, they’ve been instructed to do so, but there may be times when leaving the house is unavoidable. At this point, most states and counties have issued orders to the public to stay at home, except to leave for essentials like groceries, medical attention, emergency veterinary services and fuel. Just make sure you’re taking the proper precautions when outside in public spaces.

Below are some tips on how to safely get around town in Tacoma, WA during a pandemic like the current outbreak of coronavirus.

Public transportation

Depending on where you live, public transit agencies have either closed services or are currently offering limited services to citizens. Yes, ridership has dropped everywhere, but people still need a way to get around from time to time during the stay at home order. Your city is thoroughly cleaning public transportation vehicles before, during and after hours of operation. They want riders using public transit to wash their hands before and after boarding, with soap and water or hand sanitizer, and if possible, to use disinfectant wipes on surfaces they touch, like seats, poles and handrails.

Ride shares and taxis

Your area may still allow taxi and ride-share services during an epidemic. Although drivers are ordered to wipe down seats, seatbelts, door handles and all other surfaces in their vehicles between riders, it would still behoove you to do your own sanitizing prior to entering the vehicle.

Private vehicle transportation

You will almost certainly need to leave your home for essentials like groceries at some point during the outbreak. Be sure to wash your hands before touching any surfaces, be respectful to others and use disinfectant wipes to wipe down door handles and carts while shopping. Also, use hand sanitizer and wipe down your car door handle, seatbelt and steering wheel. Keep in mind that health officials ask that you limit trips by private vehicle or on public transit.

Walking and various transport devices

Don’t let shelter-in-place orders get you down. Getting outside on foot, by bike, scooter or another personal transportation device during this time is important, but be sure to practice social distancing when around others. Although it’s easy enough to keep at least six feet between you and other people, stay alert, and don’t go outside (or anywhere, for that matter) if you’re sick.

Hopefully you feel a little safer knowing there are numerous ways to prevent getting sick in public in Tacoma, WA during an epidemic (or on normal virus-free days). Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Around the Sound for transportation reservations—please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, our reservation hours have changed. Call us today to learn more!

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