Best Sanitizers to Use When You’re on the Go

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Safety during traveling is of the utmost importance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why choosing the best hand sanitizers to use on the go is a decision that deserves ample thought.

The best travel sanitizers in Tacoma, WA combine high standards of safety with simple comforts, such as a pleasant smell and the ability to keep skin from drying out. Available in travel sizes, many sanitizers meet these standards and more.

The best travel sanitizers treat safety as paramount

Although soap and water are more effective against certain germs, hand sanitizer is a recommended alternative when these are not available. Maintaining a high caliber of safety standards is part of the reason they are essential for travel during the pandemic.

Hand sanitizers must have 60 percent alcohol in order to be successful in mitigating viral spread. Frequent application of sanitizer after touching surfaces and transmitting germs is important.

Make sure you are applying hand sanitizer correctly, using a sufficient amount to coat your hands up to the wrists. Don’t wipe off excess sanitizer, but instead let it dry on your skin. The CDC recommends applying sanitizer under the nails as well.

Many companies began producing hand sanitizers when the pandemic started, so your choices are numerous and varied. Whether they are in spray or gel form, they will help you keep your travels safe and keep you in good health.

Sanitizers that go the extra mile

Sanitizers don’t have to be clinical or unscented to be effective. In fact, they now come in a variety of different smells and consistencies to suit your individual preference. They even have the ability to show off your unique style.

Scents range from grapefruit to hibiscus, and are potent enough to overpower the alcoholic smell of some sanitizers. Try lavender or chamomile to relax your senses, or a citrus-based sanitizer for a light, refreshing feeling. CBD-infused sanitizers add an extra layer of tranquility and relaxation to your hand sanitizer routine.

Furthermore, the best travel sanitizers in Tacoma, WA are now mixed with various lotions and other dry skin remedies to keep your hands moisturized. Especially during winter months, when dry weather can increase the likelihood of dry, cracked skin, applying traditional hand sanitizer can hurt or cause further damage. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid that prevent chafing and cracking.

Some sanitizers are even donating proceeds to non-profits and other front-line workers during the pandemic. Make an impact by purchasing sanitizers that contribute to meaningful causes.

Keep some of the best hand sanitizers to use on the go in Tacoma, WA in different places to maintain accessibility: one for your car, one for your desk and one for your travel bag. That way you will never be without germ defense. You can even gift them to loved ones, and help them travel safer and happier too.

Safe travel during the pandemic is essential to keeping you and your loved ones healthy. For more information on how to travel safely and comfortably in the Puget Sound area, contact Around the Sound and learn the latest about our state-of-the-art safety protocol.

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