A Guide to Safe Transportation While Social Distancing

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Getting from point A to point B while following social distancing guidelines can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you’re wondering how to travel safely during COVID-19 in Tacoma, WA, we have some tips that can help. Keep reading to learn more about traveling while staying safe and following social distancing guidelines to protect those around you.

Why social distancing is so important

Public health experts recommend social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19. Because COVID-19 is primarily spread from person to person during social interactions and close contact, it’s important to limit contact with other people. In general, public health experts recommend maintaining at least six feet of distance from others. With this distancing, the risk of spreading the virus through close contact is reduced significantly.

Social distancing, when paired with other precautions like face coverings, has reduced the spread of COVID-19 in many parts of the country. In addition to social distancing, it’s also important to avoid touching potentially-infected surfaces. Many businesses have implemented additional sanitation measures to clean all surfaces that customers touch. With social distancing, sanitation and face coverings, the risk of COVID-19 spreading from person to person is drastically reduced.

Safe travel tips

Keep yourself safe while traveling by following these tips on how to travel safely during COVID-19 in Tacoma, WA:

  • Wash your hands: One of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is to wash your hands regularly. Make sure to wash your hands after touching surfaces that might be infected, and always wash your hands after going out in public. Until you have a chance to wash your hands, avoid touching your face and try to refrain from using your phone until it has been sanitized after going to the grocery store or using public transportation.
  • Wear face coverings: Face coverings can prevent the spread of viruses from person to person, and they are especially important when it’s difficult or impossible to follow social distancing guidelines. Wear a cloth face covering or a medical-grade respiratory mask when using public transportation or running errands outside the house.
  • Consider private transportation: If you typically rely on public transportation to get to work or visit your doctor, it’s a good idea to consider private transportation options. Safe travel with viruses in the air in Tacoma, WA is difficult on public transportation, where it isn’t always feasible to maintain safe distances from others and surfaces could be contaminated with the virus. Investing in shuttle services to get you to and from appointments and essential errands is a great way to avoid the risks associated with public transportation and keep yourself safe.

Safe travel with viruses in the air in Tacoma, WA

If you’re looking for ideas for how to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic in Tacoma, WA, reach out to Around The Sound. We offer shuttle services and non-emergency medical transportation that’s safe, reliable and affordable. Our drivers are trained to follow safe transportation guidelines to keep themselves and our riders protected. No matter what your transportation needs may be, we can assist you. Give us a call to get started with our services today.

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