February 14, 2017


"Thanks Jerry, nice job on the shuttles. One driver, Bob? was over the top outstanding, helping people off the bus and conversing with them along the route, really supporting what we were doing, calling it a great event, notifying riders of what the next stop was... Extra kudos to him, he was great! Thanks again for a great service. Josh"
January 27, 2017

Fox sports

"Hi Jerry: Thank you for a great week with NO worries! With a large group like that shuttles were truly one of the things leading up that I worried most about, and all that worrying was for nothing! You guys knocked it out of the park! Thanks again. Around the Sound were Rock Stars!!!"
January 11, 2017

Wedding Transportation

"Thank you for the awesome job of transporting our guests for our daughters wedding. Around the Sound took the respondsibility of transporting our guests into their hands and took the worry away from us. Once again, excellent job from Jerry and his crew."
January 11, 2017

Great service

"I want to thank Around the Sound Transportation for their great services. It is very easy to schedule a ride. They are on time. The drivers are professional and courteous. Around the Sound takes the worry and nervousness of driving to my appointments. Thank you very much for a great service."
December 22, 2016

"Thank you for providing dependable and quality transportation to vulnerable adults who are enduring medical hardships. The care and concern shown by your drivers goes a long way aiding in their recovery efforts. The excellent customer service and compassion shown by your dispatchers in arranging and rearranging schedules to meet everyone's needs is exemplary. We in the healthcare field truly appreciate the effort of all your staff to help ensure our clients receive the best chance at recovery. It's on their behalf that I thank you!! "
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