Tips for Transporting to the Hospital

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Patient transportation is a critical part of hospital care. Making certain that the patient is safe and comfortable on the way to the hospital goes a long way to making a positive first impression on the patient regarding the medical institution. This can sometimes be difficult in instances where the patient has special needs or otherwise can’t provide their own transportation. Adequate preparation ahead of time can ensure that the vehicle and personnel are suited for safely transporting the patient. Then, once the patient is at the hospital, providing intra-hospital transport is equally important.

You have some options when considering hospital transportation in Tacoma, WA. The best is to leave it to the pros at Around the Sound/TransPro, who know exactly how to help people, no matter their medical condition. Read on to find out leading tips on how best to transport patients to the hospital:

  • Identifying the patient: Personnel need to be trained in correctly identifying patients and doing this every time they provide a ride. Ideally, patients should be identified using two pieces of information, such as their name and birthdate. It’s important for everyone involved in the process to know the patient’s pertinent medical history so that they know how to respond in an emergency.
  • Bringing the right equipment: Patients with special needs may require particular equipment or medication—for example, ensuring that a patient with diabetes always has access to insulin, or a patient with breathing difficulties has access to an oxygen tank. In some instances, it may be required to keep equipment locked in place during transport, such as for patients in wheelchairs.
  • Utilizing a ticket system: Providing tickets for intra-hospital transport is a smart idea. This way each patient has a ticket from the hospital stating exactly where they need to go and why. This avoids potential hazards, such as a patient misunderstanding where they’re supposed to go. It also alerts personnel to any medical conditions the patient might have.
  • Using gait belts: For mobile patients, a gait belt is a good thing to use to ensure that patients don’t fall while walking down the hallway. This will lead to fewer accidents such as slip and falls.

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For those with disabilities or conditions that limit mobility, finding accommodating transportation isn’t always easy. Whether to and from your doctor’s appointments, or from the hospital to your home, Around the Sound/TransPro is here to provide you with a solution to transportation. Plus, we provide service for large events and can handle all your transportation needs. Give us a call right now to learn more and set up your first appointment!

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