Non-Emergency Transportation Explained

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If you need to get to the doctor or the hospital, chances are you may not be able to drive yourself there. However, an ambulance or other emergency transportation is not always warranted. Many people find themselves in need of non-emergency medical transportation in Tacoma, WA. Even those who are regularly able to drive themselves suffer injuries, surgeries and sicknesses that prevent driving and can benefit from a transportation service. Read on to learn more about this type of transportation service!

What is non-emergency transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Tacoma, WA is a transportation service that helps individuals who need assistance with transportation but are not in an emergency situation requiring an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. Service providers of non-emergency transportation are regularly equipped to handle wheelchairs, stretchers and other special needs and requirements.

Non-emergency transportation brokers

Finding and paying for non-emergency transportation is often dependent on brokers, who locate available NEMT providers and schedule the transport at the time the individual needs to get to their destination or appointment. The broker will also verify that the service and individual is eligible for funding through Medicaid, a department program, hospital or other system. Most publicly funded programs agree that it is less expensive to provide transportation to keep someone healthy than treat them later when their medical issues have worsened. However, the brokerage software will take into account the transportation costs that the service will charge to the broker and determine costs not covered by Medicaid or other programs.

Getting a ride

All an individual needs to do to get a ride is have an appointment at a doctor’s office or hospital. Then, they can contact the transportation broker, who will put all their information into their software, including date, time and locations, and book the trip. This system benefits riders in a number of ways, but the most important one is the independence and flexibility it offers. Individuals who have previously had to rely on family or friends to take them to appointments can enjoy booking rides themselves, which can contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing and their recovery. Hundreds of thousands of people are using non-emergency medical transportation in Tacoma, WA and beyond every week.

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