Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Tacoma, WA vs Ambulance Service: Which One Do I Need?

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There will be moments of urgency when your only option for transportation to the hospital is in an ambulance, but there will also be situations in which non-emergency medical transportation in Tacoma, WA is a reliable and perfectly acceptable choice. So how do you determine which method of transportation is best? Follow along with this guide to learn about the times when you will have to call for an ambulance, and the other instances in which non-emergency medical transportation should be your preferred option.

When to call an ambulance

Ambulances are needed when there is a medical emergency that is potentially life-threatening and getting to the hospital as quickly as possible is imperative. Because the circumstances are so urgent, ambulances are equipped with sirens and flashing lights so that they can quickly make their way through traffic. Instances in which ambulances are the preferred transportation method include the time immediately following a car accident, or when a family member is in need of pressing medical attention, such as while experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Non-emergency medical transportation

Medical transportation can be used in all other situations when getting to the hospital as quickly as possible is not the primary concern. For example, if you have a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment but there won’t be anyone available to give you a ride, pre-arranging non-emergency transportation to the hospital is a convenient and affordable solution. Those who have weekly dialysis appointments can also take advantage of this form of transportation. Not only will you have a reliable way to get to each appointment, but you won’t have to worry about disrupting a family member’s work schedule in order to do so.

Another occasion in which medical transportation can be particularly useful is when an individual is being transported from one facility to another. As there is no immediate medical emergency, non-emergency medical transportation can get a patient from one location to another comfortably, at a fraction of the cost.

Non-emergency medical transportation is also ideal for someone who has limited mobility and needs transportation that can provide easy access for wheelchairs, or stretchers for those who are bedridden. Additionally, ambulances are generally only used for local transportation, whereas many non-emergency services typically offer both local and long-distance travel if needed.

If emergency ambulance services are not needed, pre-arranging medical transportation in Tacoma, WA for your next trip to the hospital or doctor’s office can save you hundreds of dollars. For all of these occasions, make sure you give us a call at Around the Sound/TransPro. Whether you need to go to a scheduled doctor’s appointment or have to visit the dialysis center several times a week, you can rely on our professional and courteous drivers to get you to your destination on time, and at a reasonable price. To learn more about the premier transportation services we offer that will get you where you need to be, contact us to schedule your ride today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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