Keep Medical Transportation in Tacoma, WA on Time with These Five Great Tips!

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Medical transportation in Tacoma, WA is available to get you and your mobility device to the doctor on time! While we cannot control traffic any more than you can control your doctor being behind one day, there are measures you can take to help us arrange a timely arrival. Here are five tips that will help us get you to the doctor’s office on time!

• Secure the details: Even if you have been seeing this doctor for a while and know the office location, we need to be in the loop, too. Be ready with the name of the doctor, suite number and any instructions regarding transport, including preferred drop-off spots. Many medical offices provide special drop-off spots or parking for transportation companies assisting their patients. If you provide details, then we can take advantage of these amenities.

• Schedule early: The earlier you call us, the better. Do not call us the day before an appointment and expect transportation to be available. We fill up quickly and must accommodate several requests and assure drivers are available. Schedule transport with us as soon as you confirm your doctor appointment. Have the details ready and be courteous so it is easier to make this a seamless transaction.

• Provide a large time window: Schedule your drop-off time 15 minutes earlier than the actual appointment time. This allows wiggle room in case of traffic, sick patients and other contingencies that may not be expected. Schedule a return time within 30 minutes of when you suspect your appointment will conclude. For example, if your appointment is expected to last 30 minutes, schedule your return time 30 minutes later so there is a one-hour difference between drop-off and pickup. That way if your doctor is running late or you require additional lab tests, there is time and the appointment is less rushed.

• Describe your needs: If you have a walker and require a ramp or use an oversized wheelchair or scooter, let us know at the time of the appointment. We can provide vehicles that accommodate you better and assure that transportation continues. If we arrive unprepared because we were unaware of these crucial details, you may not make it to your doctor appointment at all.

• Cancel cautiously: You may need to cancel an appointment because you are not feeling well or an emergency arises. Do not forget to cancel with us, too, and do so as soon as you know you will not make your appointment. Request that the dispatcher note the date, time and who requested the cancellation, as that may prevent you being charged a canceled trip fee. Confirm these details once you share them. If you cancelled well ahead of time, confirm the cancellation by making another call the day before your transportation was originally scheduled.

Around the Sound/TransPro is a family-owned business offering medical transportation in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas. Call us today to arrange for transportation that accommodates your disabilities with safe, efficient and reliable service.

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