Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Medical Transportation Company

9 Questions Before Hiring a Medical Transport Company

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Being the caregiver for someone who needs frequent medical transportation might call for considerable adjustments, sacrifices, and effort to guarantee that they have access to the best medical treatment at any time. However, those concessions should not compel you to settle for a subpar medical transport service.

Not all medical transportation services require a 911 call or any life-threatening emergency; frequently, they are just appointments. Asking questions upfront will help you choose which non-emergency medical transport provider is most appropriate for your requirements if you’re considering hiring one.

Below are a series of essential questions you should ask before deciding whether or not to hire a medical transportation company like Around the Sound.

  1. Are the Drivers Licensed and Trained?

Before dealing with medical patients in a non-emergency setting, most states require drivers and team members to have a minimum level of education and licensing. ATS requires a completion of 96 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

If a potential medical transport team has drivers, you should find out if they are needed to have a specific level of education, training, and licensing.

Don’t assume that the staff and drivers of a potential medical transportation service have received enough training. When doubtful of their abilities, remember the safety of your loved ones comes first. You can demand confirmation of training and licensing.

  1. Does the Provider Offer Door-To-Door Service?

Ensure the local medical transport company you choose is prepared to provide door-to-door transportation services. Knowing the company is ready to provide these services if your loved one needs assistance moving from home to their vehicle or vice versa.

As the caregiver, door-to-door service will give you peace of mind because your loved one will be protected from unnecessary fatigue and injury risks associated with trying to walk independently, especially for the elderly.

  1. Do They Offer Emergency Services?

Most local medical transportation firms will ask you to call the appropriate authorities in life-threatening situations. Still, only some will offer emergency services for individuals requiring urgent accessible transportation services.

Not all urgent medical transportation is life-threatening; some related issues, like severe pain, require urgent medical attention but are not always a mortality threat.

Knowing that you can contact a medical transport team to provide last-minute assistance should your loved one require services at a moment’s notice is helpful.

  1. Do They Have a Trained Medic Accompanying the Drivers?

Even though you never want it to happen, your loved one could occasionally need emergency treatment. Should your loved one have a medical emergency, the team members of your medical transport business should be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency care. The only provider to have emergency care as a base service is a gurney van transportation or stretcher service.  If you need an attendant many providers can provide an attendant at an extra fee.

Ask a potential transport team how they would manage the situation if you are aware of any potential problems, such as seizures, hypoglycemia shock, or strokes to which your loved one is predisposed. This can help you prepare for the unexpected by letting you know what to anticipate.

  1. Do they Have Good Wheelchair and Stretcher Services?

Medical transportation providers must employ personnel receiving lifting-patients-safe training and wheelchair services. Improper lifting practices may hurt patients. If the transportation staff does not know how to lift a patient into and out of the vehicle, they also risk an injury. Lifting skills are a skill that is sometimes undervalued yet is crucial to safe wheelchair transportation services for the elderly and people with disabilities.

  1. Do They Have Insurance Reimbursement?

Caring for someone who constantly requires medical attention will prompt their loved ones to take insurance that will cover the financial transportation costs. Having a local medical transportation company that accepts insurance is a huge plus.

A big part of chronically ill patients, the disabled, and the elderly who are not hospitalized is movement from their area of residence to their medical providers. Naturally, these frequent visits add a significant financial dent in the caregivers.

An ideal local medical transportation firm would incorporate your insurance policy that reimburses any transportation service. It, therefore, is a fundamental question to ask while trying to choose one.

  1. Do They Offer Flexible Booking Services?

When looking into local medical transportation companies, check for organizations that have flexible booking options.

It can be a tricky hassle for people who frequently visit the doctor during the week to make transportation arrangements over the phone. It is best to use a transportation service that allows patients to schedule transportation for multiple visits at once and offers planned schedules.

  1. Do they Have a Vehicle Tracking System?

You can arrange your day and prepare for any delays by always being aware of where your transportation is. Select a medical transport service offering a comprehensive GPS tracking system that lets you view the vehicle’s location. These systems work just like an Uber app.

Not only does vehicle tracking assist patients in monitoring the whereabouts of their transportation, but it is also an excellent tool for holding drivers accountable for their trips.

  1. Does The Company Have a Dedicated Team?

It is more than just another job to drive people to and from appointments. For some people, it might be, but the top transportation companies only work with those that genuinely care about the welfare of others. These people provide their clients with attentive, caring service. They go above and above to ensure their patients’ comfort and security because they sincerely want what is best for them.

Depending on the circumstances, you or a loved one may communicate with the transportation team regularly for months or even years. You must select a service with devoted staff members you can rely on and feel comfortable caring for a loved one during vulnerable times.

Contact Reliable Medical Transportation

Choosing a local medical transportation company for your loved ones is challenging. You have to carefully consider all the available options and see which one best suits you and, most importantly, your loved one.

At Around the Sound, we offer top-notch medical transportation services to suit you and your loved one’s needs. We also have answers to all your questions. Contact us at (253) 858-7088 for the best transport experience. You can make a reservation online at

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