How to Save Money on Wedding Transportation?

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Transportation is an expense most couples fail to consider in their wedding plans. Surprise costs of getting to and from the wedding location can come as a shock not just to the bride and groom but to the families, too, when they have already maxed out their budgets for the venue, clothes, entertainment, and food.

Around the Sound has six suggestions for keeping transportation expenses in control while planning the wedding of your dreams.

Keep Your Wedding and Your Reception in Close Proximity 

Maybe you want to say your vows at a romantic seaside location. Or on top of a mountain. Or in a beautiful garden. Your wedding should be as beautiful as you want it to be, and Around the Sound can help your wedding party and your guests get to and from there easily and as economically as possible. You can leave the driving to us. But finding a place to say your vows that is as close as possible to the place you want to receive your guests after the ceremony will save you money.

Save Money on Transportation by Making Getting to and From Your Wedding Fun

Sure, you can book a limo for everyone at your wedding party and a bus for all your guests. But why not book a limo for the happy couple and another for their parents, and put everyone else in a party bus? You can save money while your guests have fun. Around the Sound can make sure your guests get where they need to go safely/

Coordinate Individual Transportation

Let out of town guests use Uber and cabs to get from the airport to their hotels and from their hotels to the wedding site. Chances are they will find arranging their own transportation more convenient, anyway. But do be sure your guests have the exact address of your wedding venue including GPS coordinates.

Bigger is Better

Having all your guests arrive in their private Lamborghinis can look impossibly cool, but everybody saves money arriving in a large bus. We don’t recommend that you ask your guests to pay for their own bus unless a large group of guests does this on their own. We do recommend providing a bus for guests you want to share your ceremony who are mobility-impaired. Around the Sound can make sure they arrive comfortably and on time.

Think Outside the Box for Your Grand Exit 

Happy couples shouldn’t have to drive themselves on their wedding night. But they can use a little creativity to make their exit while providing a little privacy. Save the Rolls-Royce for mom and dad and make your getaway in a smaller, chauffeured car.

Plan with the Help of the Pros 

Over the last 30 years, Around the Sound has seen a little of everything in wedding plans. We may be able to suggest ways to save money while making your ceremony easier and even more beautiful and thoughtful of your guests.

Start Planning Your Transportation Today

The other major factor that can reduce wedding transportation costs is to book these services far in advance. Considerably reasonable rates can be achieved when services are booked a year out.

Around the Sound is Western Washington’s leading provider of local and regional transportation for people who have special transportation needs. Call us at (253) 858-7088 to discuss your options or Reserve a Ride Now! 

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