Five Qualities to Look for in Companies That Offer Event Transportation in Tacoma, WA

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If you’ve ever planned a large convention, corporate meeting or trade show, then you know things can get hectic for organizers. Running an event is a completely different beast. There is so much that goes into the planning process. As such, it will take many people working together to ensure every single aspect of the event is covered.

One of these areas is event transportation. An experienced professional event coordinator will usually hire a transportation company to take charge of getting event attendees to and from venues throughout the event.

Don’t choose just anyone to drive your guests! Here are five qualities to look for in companies that offer event transportation in Tacoma, WA:

  • Outstanding customer service: The competition is high between transportation companies, yet it’s easy enough to narrow down your search. Find out which ones are highly rated in customer service. Get online and read customer reviews, and check out the Better Business Bureau. If a company has many complaints against them or they don’t seem to care about anything but getting paid, cross them off your list of potential candidates.
  • Excellent communication: Communication is one of the most important qualities to look for in any transportation company. That doesn’t mean they should be calling you every second during your event—what it does mean is that you and the company should communicate early on in the planning stage and all the way to the end of the event, providing updates immediately upon request. Having someone you can trust and easily contact managing the event transportation removes a lot of worry from the equation.
  • Cares about job performance: A transportation company that regularly trains and educates its drivers is going to be among the best at job performance. You want to hire a service with drivers who act professionally and courteously when transporting event attendees—they should always be warm and friendly. Another crucial part of job performance is always being on time for pickup and drop-off. Many events keep to a strict schedule, so it’s not good for people to arrive late to sessions or showings or anywhere else they need to be.
  • Knowledge of the city: Many cities across the United States play host to a variety of conventions and special events each year. Destinations and venues for major events often welcome thousands of people at a time. Because so many coordinators, vendors and attendees are involved, it’s beneficial for you to hire a transportation company that’s totally familiar with the city—and even better, a company that’s worked at your specific venue before. Drivers with knowledge of the city know the best routes and stay up on road conditions so they can plan accordingly.
  • Phenomenal VIP services: Will there be VIPs at your event? Professional transportation companies know how to take care of high-level executives and keynote speakers. Although all your attendees deserve to be treated well, you might consider private transportation for individuals and small groups of VIPs.

Plan your event early, and book a proven safe and timely transportation company as soon as you can. If you need reliable event transportation in Tacoma, WA, don’t hesitate to call Around The Sound/TransPro!

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