Six Tips for Traveling Safely with Luggage

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Every traveler’s worst nightmare is to get off the plane after a long flight and proceed to baggage claim, only to find their bag is nowhere to be found. A stolen or lost piece of luggage can easily ruin your vacation. Sightseeing isn’t enjoyable when you’re worried about how you will recover your belongings, or even pay for dinner.

Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently. A thief may grab the bags while you check into your hotel, or the luggage may be forgotten on a train or shuttle. Smart travelers need to take precautions to keep their luggage safe. This is even more important now than it has been in the past, since travelers frequently pack expensive electronic devices, such as laptops and e-readers.

Here are some tips from an airport transportation service in Tacoma, WA to keep your luggage and belongings safe while traveling:

  • Separate valuables from the luggage: Most criminals know exactly where to look for valuables. Storing your expensive and precious belongings on your person is the best way to keep them out of harm’s way. It is much harder for a thief to steal a tablet stored in a backpack on your back or cash tucked away in a wallet than in a piece of rolling luggage.
  • Use locks: A simple zipper isn’t enough to keep your property safe. Always properly lock your bags with a security code or key lock. Make sure to keep one key with you and give another to a family member. There’s less chance of a locked bag being stolen because most criminals will see it and decide it’s not worth the time or effort to try and bust the lock.
  • Choose memorable luggage: Using a bright pink bag might not be a bad idea. Choosing unique luggage will make it easier to identify your bag from all the others on the baggage carousel. Additionally, thieves will hesitate to steal bright colors or patterned luggage because they are so easily identifiable.
  • Always keep the bag in sight: It’s practically impossible to keep your bag next to you at all times while traveling. Protect your bag by keeping it within your line of vision. Never lose sight of your bag if you must leave it unattended to step up to the ticket counter. This way, you can easily call for assistance if someone tries to snatch it.
  • Secure your daypack or carry-on: An undone zipper on a purse or a flapping backpack pocket is like an open invitation for pickpockets. Keep daypacks and carry-on luggage close to the body. A cross-body bag is usually a safer choice than a backpack, as you will be able to see and feel if someone tries to reach in to pull out a wallet or phone. Don’t let the bag hang loosely from your shoulder, because that makes it an easy target.
  • Make a list: Keep a list of every item in your bags on your phone. Take a few minutes at each stop to double-check that everything on the list is still there. This way, you will immediately know if something was left behind at a museum or in the airport.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your luggage while using airport transportation service in Seattle, WA. Choose Around The Sound/TransPro for a safe and secure ride every time!

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