How to Choose an Airport Transportation Service in Tacoma, WA

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An airport transportation service can make your life a whole lot easier whenever you need to get to or from a flight. But how exactly do you choose the best service to fit your needs?

Here are a few factors you should consider whenever you decide you are going to hire an airport transportation service in Tacoma, WA:

  • Providing both pickups and drop-offs: You would think it would be common sense that an airport transportation service would provide both pickup and drop-off services, but you need to always double check that all of your needs are covered under the company’s range of services. The last thing you want to have happen is for you to get a ride to the airport but suddenly realize you don’t have a ride home when your flight returns.
  • Wheelchair accessible: If you or anyone you are traveling with has special needs or uses a wheelchair, you need to make sure that the service provides wheelchair accessible transportation. Fully accessible vehicles have lifts that make it easy to get the wheelchair into the vehicle, and should be driven by people who are trained in wheelchairs and assisting those who are handicapped. Accessibility alone is not always enough, either; just because a service provides accessible transportation does not necessarily mean it will be a comfortable ride. Do some research into what steps the service takes to make sure everyone, regardless of their ability, gets a comfortable ride to and from the airport.
  • Transportation directly to specific terminals: Does the transportation service simply drop you off at one single destination, or will they take you to specific terminals? This is especially important if you have problems with mobility or are going to be handling a lot of luggage; you’ll want to be dropped off as close to your flight check-in point as possible.
  • Ability to handle multiple passengers: If you’re riding with a full team of coworkers or your entire family, you are going to want to hire a service that is able to accommodate larger groups. A good airport transportation service will have vehicles of varying sizes that will make this possible.
  • Good price: Do some research into the various airport transportation services in your area to get a good sense of the average price range for those services. You shouldn’t have to blow your budget on a ride to and from the airport.
  • Outstanding customer service: Look for reviews online about the transportation service on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews to get a good sense of the quality of customer service provided by the company. This type of business is all about providing customers with an excellent experience, so you should not have to compromise and settle for poor customer service.

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when you decide to hire an airport transportation service in Tacoma, WA. If you have any questions about the services we provide at Around the Sound/TransPro, we encourage you to reach out to our team today and we will happily provide you with more information.

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