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Airport Assistance After Drop-off? See How

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Airport Assistance

If you’re disabled or otherwise require special assistance, navigating airports can be difficult. There are dozens of terminals, hundreds or thousands of people and a lot of noise. This is often upsetting for those on their own. Did you know that you can request special airport assistance after Around the Sound drops you off in Tacoma, WA? It’s easy and only requires a little bit of planning beforehand.

How special airport assistance works

Special airport assistance is provided either by the airline or an airport employee. The service is usually limited to those with mobility, vision, hearing, psychological or other physical disabilities, but don’t let that stop you from inquiring. Different airports may have different rules for qualification.

Special assistance helps the passenger get on board the plane with minimal trouble, especially if they use assistive devices. There may be additional services available at the destination airport, to help the passenger with baggage and for addressing other security concerns.

Please note that not everyone will qualify for special airport assistance. For example, if you need help using the restroom, are unable to understand simple messages from employees or hold yourself upright (on foot or in a chair) without assistance, you may be required to travel with another passenger. The passenger usually has to be at least 16 years old. If there’s any question about your ability to handle these situations, call the airport.

In addition to disabled passengers, some elderly passengers qualify for airport assistance. This might mean getting to choose a more comfortable and accessible seat, or changing the meal to suit a special diet. Again, inquire with your specific carrier to learn more about what they offer.

How to get special airport assistance

The best way to get special airport assistance is to contact your carrier when booking the flight. Some carriers have options you can check or explore while you’re booking the flight, while others may need you to call the airline directly. They will probably ask you questions about the passenger’s health conditions, as well as any assistive devices you or the passenger may require during or after the flight.

Be sure to pay special attention to timing. Some airport carriers require you to call 48 to 72 hours before the flight is scheduled, in order to confirm your booking. Some merely require the information form during booking. Since every airline is different, make sure you understand exactly what’s needed and when, and what you’ll need to provide.

Whatever your needs, make sure to contact both airport and airline to ensure you have all your bases covered. It’s also worth using a ground transportation service like Around the Sound. We’re experts at helping the disabled and elderly get around the area, including the airport.

When you need quality airport transportation in Tacoma, WA, the drivers at Around the Sound are here to help. Call us today to book your ride in advance, and be sure to let us know about any special accommodations you may need.

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