Transportation Services in Tacoma Washington

If you are looking for a high-quality transportation service for long-distance transportation to people with special needs and individuals with limited mobility, our company is always ready to help. At Around the Sound, we also serve customers who seek point-to-point driver services in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. We are ready to accommodate your needs, so do not be afraid to ask for different destination points.

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Transportation Services

Our company specializes in different types of transportation services that include medical transportation, special event transportation, event transportation, and airport transportation. All our vehicles can accommodate all unique needs that our customers may have.

Medical Transportation

If you are suffering from a chronic medical condition or illness that limits your ability, Around the Sound is ready to help you by providing reliable medical transportation to your scheduled treatments, a doctor’s appointment, hospital, clinic, or wherever you may need to go for a medical reason. We offer the highest standards in non-emergency medical transportation in the state of Washington.

Our medical transportation services include wheelchair & gurney transportation, ambulatory transportation, dementia-Alzheimer transportation, accessible transportation, special needs transportation, and military VA transportation.

Airport Transportation

If you need reliable airport transportation in Tacoma, WA, or any other nearby area, Around the Sound is here for you. Our mission is to make your experience to and from the airport as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our vehicles are able to accommodate all types of travelers, from individuals with limited mobility to businesspersons with their briefcases.

Our airport transportation services include the following: airport drop-offs, airport pickups, wheelchair accessible airport transportation, airport transportation for multiple people, terminal drop-offs, and terminal pick-ups. Our airport transportation helps you save your time, guarantees safety, and provides flexibility.

Event Transportation

Do you need to attend a certain special occasion, such as a wedding, prom, or sporting event? Then, contact Around the Sound that proudly offers transportation services to all types of special occasions.

Our most common event transportation services include the following: weddings, proms, different types of sporting events, and other special events (galas, concerts, or corporate parties).

With Around the Sound, you will enjoy a range of benefits: we can guarantee you on-time arrivals, convenience for your guests, affordability, safety, no parking issues, and party ambiance.

Long-distance Transportation

One of our specializations is also long-distance transportation for disabled persons and stable elderly. We are committed to providing long-distance medical transportation for people with different medical needs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our staff members and drivers have all the experience and knowledge to provide your clients with high-quality transportation. Our mission is to make rides safe and enjoyable for every patient.

Our transportation services are an affordable alternative to air medical and ambulance transpiration. We make sure to provide all our clients with such advantages as safety, fuel economy, licensed and certified drivers, and traveling in a company of your family members.

Do you need the help of professional Transportation Services in Tacoma, Washington?

Are you looking for high-quality medical transportation, event transportation, airport transportation, special event transportation, or non-emergency long-distance transportation? Then, Around the Sound is the right company to contact. We do our best to provide the best transportation services that accommodate all types of needs.

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Transportation Services FAQ

Here are the answers to the most common questions about our company and the services we offer.

Can you accommodate a stretcher or gurney?

Yes, we can accommodate clients with limited mobility, including patients in gurneys, stretchers, wheelchairs, etc.

Can I schedule recurring pickups?

Yes, if you have a need for recurring pickups, you can always contact Around the Sound. We will be glad to offer this service to you.

Can you provide non-emergency hospital transport?

Yes, one of our main specializations is medication transportation that includes non-emergency hospital transportation.

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