Transportation Services in Puyallup, Washington

Whether you need medical transportation, special event transportation, event transportation, or airport transportation in Puyallup, Washington, or any other nearby area, Around The Sound is ready to assist you. Our mission is to provide reliable and safe transportation services. Our principles are the highest standards of comfort and safety, and we do our best to accommodate all the special needs of our clients. 

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Transportation Services

We provide a variety of transportation services in the states of Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho, including medical transportation, airport transportation, event transportation, and long-distance transportation. We serve different clients, including people with limited ability. 

Medical Transportation

At Around The Sound, we provide reliable and safe medical transportation for people with limited mobility. It is a reliable solution for them for getting to scheduled treatments, doctor’s appointments, or wherever else they need and want to go.  Our medical transportation services include wheelchair & gurney transportation, ambulatory transportation, dementia-Alzheimer transportation, accessible transportation, special needs transportation, and military VA transportation. 

Our medical transportation is affordable, and the cost depends on the patient’s income level, age, medical condition, and some other factors. 

Airport Transportation

The purpose of our airport transportation services is to ensure a smooth transition between landing and the final destination. Around The Sound is one of the leading companies in the state of Washington that provide safe and reliable airport transportation. We work with all types of travelers, including business people, people with disabilities and mobility limits, and regular travelers. 

Our airport transportation services include airport drop-offs, airport pickups, wheelchair-accessible airport transportation, transportation of multiple people, terminal drop-offs, and terminal pickups. 

Event Transportation

Do you need to be at the wedding or any other event on time? Around the sound is ready to help you. We provide transportation services for a great variety of special occasions, including weddings, proms, sporting events, or any other event that you and your group need to attend. We own 80 vehicles with different capacities, which allows us to bring our clients to different events. Event transportation is one of our most favorite services. 

Long Distance Transportation

Whether you need long-distance elderly or medical transportation, Around the Sound is ready to assist you. We have years of experience and specialize in the transportation of elderly and disabled people. Our specialization is providing long-distance transportation for medical purposes throughout the Pacific Northwest. At Around The Sound, we can guarantee that the people you love will reach their destination safely. 

Do you need the help of professional Transportation Services in Puyallup, Washington?

Are you looking for a trustworthy company in Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon that offers transportation services? Then, Around the Sound is the right place to contact. At Around The Sound, we offer a full range of non-emergency transportation services, including medical transportation, event transportation, airport transportation, and long-distance transportation. We work with all types of clients, including people with medical issues, such as people in wheelchairs, gurneys, scooters, and people with memory issues. All our vehicles are well-equipped and absolutely safe. 

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Transportation Services FAQ

If you have any questions about our company or the services we offer, here are the answers to the most common questions:

Can you accommodate a stretcher or gurney?
Yes, we can accommodate a gurney or stretcher, as well as a wheelchair, scooter, and other equipment in order to meet the specific and individual needs of our clients. 

Can I schedule recurring pickups?
Yes, we offer the option of recurring pickups. 

Can you provide non-emergency hospital transport?
Yes, we specialize in medical transportation, which includes non-emergency transportation to hospitals and clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest.