Senior Citizen Transportation Services in Redmond, WA

It might be hard for senior citizens with limited mobility, chronic medical conditions, and disabilities to get to scheduled treatments, doctor’s appointments, clinics, hospitals, or wherever else they need to go for their medical reasons.

The mission of our company is to provide senior citizens with high-quality, reliable, and efficient transportation services.

We make sure that our clients get to their critical appointments and other important locations safely and on time. 


Transportation Services

At Around the Sound, we focus on offering high standards in transportation services in Redmond, WA, and other nearby towns and areas.

Our transportation services include the following: 

  • Wheelchair and gurney transportation. 
  • Dementia-Alzheimer transportation
  • Accessible transportation
  • Special needs transportation
  • Ambulatory transportation
  • Military VA transportation

There are certain factors determining the cost of our transportation services, including the condition, age, and income level of the patient.

Some transportation services provided by our company are addressed by Medicare. 

Medical Transportation

At Around the Sound, we provide medical transportation services to people suffering from various illnesses and medical conditions that limit their mobility.

Our mission is to help people who do not have a car, need assistance, or live in an area with poor local public transit, and to connect patients with the medical services they need for all types of illnesses and conditions.

We help people to get to their doctor’s appointments, clinics, hospitals, and different scheduled medical treatments. 

Airport Transportation

Airport transportation is another specialization of our company. We do our best to provide a smooth and safe transition between landing and clients’ destinations.

We have over 80 vehicles that are properly equipped in order to address the needs of all clients.

We work with all types of travelers, from people with disabilities and special needs to busy businesspersons. Our airport transportation services include the following: 

  • Airport drop-offs. With the help of our company, you do not have to pay for temporary parking. Our drivers are ready to shuttle directly to your terminal for a nominal cost, so you have nothing to worry about. 
  • Airport pickups. If you have just returned from a trip, the last thing you probably want to do is to drive. In this case, our company will be glad to pick you up and get you home safely. 
  • Wheelchair accessible airport transportation. If you need wheelchair accommodation to or from the airport, we are ready to assist. We serve disabled passengers and their mobility devices by providing them with convenient and comfortable transportation to and from the airport. 
  • Multiple people transportation. We are able to transport groups of people, so you do not have to worry about finding a cab or larger transport for your whole family or friends. 
  • Terminal drop-offs. We always take our clients directly to their terminal, so they are ready to board their flight right away. 
  • Terminal pickups. Contact our company if you want to be picked up at your terminal curbside. 

Event Transportation

Regardless of the event you are planning to attend, Around the Sound is ready to provide you with reliable transportation.

Our team includes professional drivers who will address all your specific needs. Here is a list of events that we provide transportation for:

  • Weddings. We know how exciting and stressful a wedding day can be. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is transportation. We will ease your stress and take care of you on this special day. 
  • Proms. A prom is probably the most important event in the life of a younger person. We make sure that you arrive on time and in style to your prom. Our vehicles are also big enough to transport big groups of people. 
  • Sporting events. Are you heading to a football match with your friends or family and need reliable transportation? Around the Sound is ready to help, and help you get to a stadium on time. 
  •  Special events. We provide transportation for all other special events, including corporate parties, conferences, meetings, etc. With Around the Sound, you receive reliable and comfortable transportation and the high-class treatment you deserve. 


Long Distance Transportation

At Around the Sound, we have experts and experienced drivers who specialize in long-distance transportation of senior people and clients with special medical needs. Our mission is to provide people with an alternative type of transportation to expensive long-distance ambulance or air medical transportation.

We remove the unnecessary emergency medical services and reduce our costs by providing cost-efficient and safe transportation. We always place highly qualified and experienced medical personnel, who will make sure that transportation goes smooth. We work with all types of patients, communities, and medical partners. 

Do you need the help of professional Transportation Services in Redmond, Washington?

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy transportation service that would address your needs?

Then, do not look further than our company that specializes in long-distance transportation, medical transportation, event transportation, and airport transportation in Redmond, WA, and other nearby areas.

The philosophy of our company is based on three principles: safety, passenger satisfaction, and time performance. 

We have over 80 vehicles that are fully equipped in order to meet the needs of all our clients.

Our drivers are highly qualified professionals with years of experience, who can guarantee comfortable transportation to where you need to be on time.

You give us the details, and we give you the logistics that keep you stress-free. 

Transportation Services FAQ

Here are the answers to the most common questions about our company and the service we provide: 

Can you accommodate a stretcher or gurney?

Yes, we provide transportation services to people with disabilities and their mobility devices, including stretchers and gurneys. 

Can I schedule recurring pickups?

Yes, if you need recurring pickups, we can set up this option for you. 

Can you provide non-emergency hospital transport?

Yes, one of our specializations is long-distance medical transportation as a cheaper and more affordable option to expensive air medical and ambulance transportation. 

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