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21 Questions to Ask Before You Book Your NEMT Service

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Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) refers to transportation services provided to patients and healthcare clients who experience challenges attending medical appointments.

Most patients depend on their relatives or friends for help. However, that’s not the most convenient option and can lead to stress and anxiety.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a handy option that gives patients the comfort and independence they need. Non-emergency medical transportation facilitates non-emergency transportation services to and from:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Pharmacy
  • Private medical appointment
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Chemotherapy
  • Dialysis appointment
  • Physical therapy
  • Other non-emergency medical appointments


Critical Questions to Ask

Before booking a non-emergency medical transportation service, you need to check whether they can meet your needs. Your loved ones have to avoid obstacles during the journey. Below are some vital questions you can ask your NEMT before you finalize your booking.

What Level of Service Do You Provide?

We offer different levels of service options. Curb to curb, hand to hand, door to door. Our non-medical transportation services allow you to book the nearest available car that can pick you up from your doorstep and drop you back at the same place where it picked you up.

How Do I Know if Insurance Will Cover the Cost of Transportation?

Around the Sound have many years in the business, giving us unmatched knowledge in this field. Patients enrolled with Medicaid also qualify for NEMT support. With their own resources and health insurance plans, patients can as well access NEMT services. However, this depends on what is provided by a particular plan. So, we will ensure you get the best medical transportation coverage you’re entitled to.

What Type of Vehicles Are Wheelchair Lifts or Ambulatory?

We have both wheelchair lifts and ambulatory vehicles.

Do You Provide Gurney Vehicles if I Need a Stretcher?

Yes, we provide gurney transportation. You don’t need to travel in an ambulance because of being confined to a gurney. Our fleet accommodates planned NEMT (NON-Emergency Medical wheelchair transportation) and NEST (NON-Emergency Stretcher transportation).

How Do I Know Your Drivers Are Safe? Do They Have Background Checks? Do They Have Defensive Driving and Drug/Alcohol Screens?

Our drivers are alcohol and drug tested to do clean work. They are screened, and the process is pretty detailed. We select the best ones only after a thorough background check-up. A driver with a history of drugs, alcohol, or accidents is rejected immediately.

What Experience Do You Have?

An experienced company means fewer errors. At Around the Sound, we are pioneers in the non-emergency medical transportation business.

Are You Accessible 24/7?

NEMT is most preferred because it is accessible day and night, just like the regular emergency ambulances. We are always available 24/7.

How Are Your Certifications?

NEMT can be much more than just transporting the person to an appointment. We have certifications and trained drivers who can deal with patients suffering from brain injury, undergoing oncology treatments, or other clients who might be non-ambulatory.

What Happens if I Have an Urgent Trip and Need to Get to the Doctor on the Same Day?

You can contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Can I Use the Service for Purposes Other Than Visiting the Doctor?

You can use non-emergency medical transportation services for any reason that requires you or your patient to leave the house, not necessarily for health check purposes only. We provide services for parties, tours, trips, and the like.

How Much Does a Single Trip Cost?

The costs vary depending on several factors, such as distance and time from the patient’s house to the appointment place and back. It also depends on the transportation mode needed and the accessibility of transportation options in that particular area. You can call us to discuss the cost depending on your location.

What Sort of Training Do You Provide Drivers?

Our transportation to medical appointments, drivers are trained in CPR. They are certified to take first aid care of the patient until they arrive at the health facility. In several cases, our vehicles have caring nurses and staff responsible for taking care of the patient’s health and comfort.

Do I Require Paying When I Schedule the Trip?

You don’t require payment when you contact us to schedule the trip, although you must pay at least a day before your trip. The driver won’t be able to collect payments on the vehicle.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Make the Trip I’ve Paid For?

We can reorganize your trip for you if you fail to make it.

Will the Driver Wait with Me During the Appointment?

We offer transportation to the appointment and back. We use the most suitable mode of transportation and incorporate coverage for all the expenses related to transportation.

Do Your Drivers Wear ID Badges, and Are They in Uniforms?

Our whole staff wears display photo ID badges and company uniforms.

Do I Tip My Driver?

It’s good to know what your driver expects so you leave everyone happy after the trip. The thing is, you can tip the river, but it’s not required.

After the Appointment, Will the Driver Take Me to the Grocery Store or Pharmacy?

The driver can take you to the pharmacy, but bags and personal items are restricted. Apart from medically essential equipment, we recommend you just come with what we can store on you for the trip or beneath your seat.

Will the Driver Wait with Me During the Appointment?

This question is important so you know how to get back home. At Around the Sound, the standard service is to drop you off and return when you are done. However, the driver may wait for you if you’d like. You can contact us and ask for details.

Are the Drivers Monitored While in Transit?

Our drivers are monitored while in transit to ensure they drive on the correct and safe path. Monitoring also helps to track the driver’s movements in case of any careless move.

Will the Driver Be Able to Help Me Get in the Vehicle?

The driver should help you get into and out of the vehicle. We take pride in ensuring you get to your appointment and back home safely.

Book Your NEMT With Confidence

Don’t worry when you, your friend, or your loved one have health conditions or physical impairment that challenges them to travel using a private vehicle or public transportation.

Around the Sound provides non-medical transportation and transportation to medical appointment services for patients and older adults who require medical care during transit. Contact us at (253) 858-7088 if you or somebody you know has a health condition or is physically impaired and facing challenges traveling in standard vehicles. You can also go online to reserve a ride.

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