Local Medical Transport: Exploring Comfort & Care Nearby

It’s unfortunate when your movement or that of a loved one is cumbersome due to a lack of proper transportation. You may want to run an errand or get to your medical appointment, but the modes of transportation available don’t provide the safety and comfort you prefer.

Around the Sound is the local medical transportation company to contact. We provide our clients with short and long-distance transportation services while meeting their particular safety and comfort needs.

Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon residents can access our services. Feel free to explore comfort and care locally.

Reliable and Comfortable Services Delivered with Care 

We understand that immobility doesn’t mean a lack of an adventurous spirit. And on that note, we provide transportation specifically designed to accommodate the transportation of wheelchairs, scooters, and gurneys. 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) understands that many patients may have financial constraints to afford medical transportation and miss vital appointments. Around the Sound provides affordable transportation to medical appointments, even for persons with memory issues.

Medical Transportation Services

We transport our clients as per their request. Please don’t hesitate to ask for different destination locations, as we can accommodate your needs.

Our staff is well-trained to handle your unique needs. Our drivers possess the skills to guarantee your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. In addition, we are excellent at time management. 

We offer transportation options for ambulatory transport, special needs, military VA, and Dementia-Alzheimer. We also have vehicles to deal with special emergencies like transporting patients with Covid-19.

Air Transportation Services 

When in need of air transportation, call Around the Sound. We will pick you up or drop you off at the airport. Our staff also ensures your safety during the transition. Our flights can accommodate your needs and provide safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation. 

Our services include:

  • Airport pickups and drop-offs
  • Mobility device accessible airport transportation
  • Group airport transportation
  • Terminal drop-offs and pickups

Point-to-Point/Long-Distance Transportation Services

Around the Sound has built a reputation for providing point-to-point or long-distance transportation services for the medically stable elderly and persons with a disability. We offer NEMT service for clients wanting to take short or long rides.

Some of the benefits of booking our short or long-distance transportation include:

  • You get to travel with your family members or friends for comfort and assurance purposes.
  • You don’t need to stress as our drivers are trained and certified.
  • Our vehicles are altered to meet your unique needs and ensure safety.
  • Hiring our service is more economical than seeking private transportation from Lyft and Uber.

Event Transportation Services 

Around the Sound will ensure you get to that event and have the time of your life. We transport our clients to weddings, special events, sporting events, proms, and other outings you want to attend. We make it our business to get you there on time and handle all the necessary logistics for your comfort and safety.

Here is why you should seek our event transportation services:

  • We have over 80 service vehicles that can handle transporting a large group.
  • Traveling as a group is a convenience for your guests.
  • We guarantee on-time arrivals.
  • You can appreciate the party ambiance as our buses are modified to fit DVD players, HD television, and spacious dance floors.
  • Our overall cost is affordable.

Do You Do Anything Extra for Safety? 

We secure our client’s wheelchair with an extra belt to hold it firmly to prevent the client from sliding off if the vehicle hits a bump or comes to a halt.

There is a certain worry when dealing with the unknown. We intend to relieve you of the transportation hassle of how you will get to your doctor’s appointment from your medical facility or how to make your dialysis or chemo session on time.

Our drivers are skilled and licensed at what they do and are good at it. In addition, our staff is dependable and flexible enough to adjust and respond to your changing needs. 

Does the Service Provide Blankets and Other Amenities?

We provide blankets for smaller groups, but more is needed to go around for larger groups. However, it is best that you bring your blankets to avoid sharing, which may bring about contagious illness.

Our vehicles are fitted with other amenities you might need on your journey. If you have a special request, kindly inform us as you make an appointment, and we will meet your needs accordingly. 

Will Your Service Call Before the Appointment to Remind Me?

When you make your reservation, we ask for personal information like:

  • Pickup address
  • Destination
  • Date of the trip
  • Pickup time
  • Cell phone number
  • Email address

With information on how to reach you will receive a call from us to confirm if plans have changed or if we are still on. You can also contact us anytime and inform us of any changes or developments. 

Will Your Service Take Me Out of State If Needed?

Around the Sound is a non-medical emergency transportation company specializing in point-to-point and long-distance transportation. We guarantee to get you or your loved one to their destination of choice.

We work closely with reliable partners to the patients, medical personnel, and the community at large to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled persons whom we serve. 

Reserve Your Local Medical Transport Today

At Around the Sound, we provide various medical transportation services like; ambulatory, wheelchair and gurney, dementia-Alzheimer’s, military VA, and accessible and special needs transportation. We have your back if you want comfortable local medical transportation by caring staff.

We take the safety and comfort of our clients seriously and do everything within our capabilities to adjust and meet their needs. Our staff has the skills to provide you with top-notch services adequately and attentively.

Reserve a ride with us today online or by calling (253) 858-7088. We are open around the clock and ready to serve.